🔴 President Trump's First Oval Office Address


I got a NYT alert on my phone about how his speech was misleading, funny I never got one after every speech Obama gave and he lied in every speech I ever saw him make.




To be honest, I, too, am glad he did not declare a national emergency. That would have been political suicide.

I also like the part where Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were waiting to pounce, without giving the speech a second thought or thinking through their response. It’s obvious they had their claws out waiting to attack before Trump even spoke.

And to top it all off, a liberal newspaper, The Washington Post, took Trump’s side in regards to the feud between the two democrat legislators and Trump.
He was presidential, Pelosi and Schumer were not. It’s obvious that they are hell-bent on continuing this smear campaign, regardless of what Trump does.


That’s honestly what baffles me about Trump’s opposition. Seriously. All they do is rely on shitposting via mainstream media, and hoping that the 157th time they say “HE WILL BE IMPEACHED”, that he actually would be impeached. Which IMO is not going to happen.

Trump is one of the sharpest tools in the shed. He cut his teeth in the real estate market in freaking Manhattan of all places. One of the toughest markets out there. He’s seen all kinds of lies and deceit. He’s playing 3D chess while his opposition is desperately waiting for the opportunity to scream “KING ME!”, while playing checkers. Obviously he has some rock solid advisers. No one man is a kingdom himself. He doesn’t deserve all of the credit, but it takes a sharp mind to find one of the same kind.

He is potentially one of two things in my books. Either A. A time traveller that already knows everything that’s happening in advance, so he always knows how to play his hand. Or B. A really sharp guy that actually cares about the nation he represents, and is working overtime to see it not go to shit.

If you ask me, every nation needs a Trump.


I didn’t see it live but did watch it on Youtube. Good job Mr. President, short, factual, to the point. He laid out the case well.

If he does attempt to declare an emergency, deploy the military and use DOD funds to secure the border there’s going to be one hell of a fight in the courts but the administration can clearly show that the threat from uncontrolled immigration presents real dangers to the country so it’s going to take a real parisian hack of a judge to rule against the administration.


The funny part is the Democrats admit he has the power to do it and just promise to fight it in court anyway, hoping to run out the clock until his term is up no doubt.


Something to keep in mind if he declares an emergency. It will set a precedent for a future D president

He or she could declare an “emergency” over climate change or gun control, two of the lefts favorite things.


Not really. Why didn’t Rs do something about this when they had complete control of Congress for two years?
I think it will backfire.


I strongly doubt Trump’s decision in this area will have any influence on future DEM decision making. I’ve heard speculation that a future DEM president might declare a national emergency for climate change. I can’t imagine their decision to do so would hinge on what Trump does on the border.

IMHO :slight_smile:


Bingo. His popularity is 1) nearly irrelevant, and 2) likely unaffected.


But it would give conservatives no right to complain if a future POTUS declares climate change or some other leftist dream an “emergency.”


I do agree that the optics might be more favorable for DEMs if Trump were to set the precedent, but I don’t believe it would deter them if he didn’t. They have become much more brazen and emboldened with their growing radical LW base.


Yep and some of them are now saying they should just go ahead and give it to him before he figures out just how much real power he has.


No, gun control would run directly counter to the 2nd Amendment and would get shut down fast.

Climate change would end up the same way since you can’t prove that there’s anything we’re doing that is actually causing it.


Because of the handful of republicans beholding to groups like the National Chamber of Commerce who want the cheap labor.


Obama himself said he had a pen and a phone…AND he used them. The precedent has already been set by a filthy socialist Democrat.

Don’t you understand that they are going to do whatever they want no matter what.


Did you complain about Obama’s use of his pen and phone to circumvent congress?


The definition of emergency is something that requires swift action. Someone having a heart attack, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack are emergencies…

Even if Congress acted tomorrow and agreed to billions for the wall, it would be months before it even got started,and years before it was completed.

Not only that, but if it was such an emergency, why did Congress fail to act the last two years when Rs controlled both branches?

Also, surely people do not think the only illegals in the country are those who came in from Mexico. There must be many people who first entered the country legally but stayed after their visas or work permits expired. What about those who arrived by air to visit Disney World for two weeks and didn’t bother to go home?

No one ever seems to mention that.


So either side can do what they want, since the other will do so eventually anyway?

A President is not a king, but it’s not a good thing when any of them issue EOs or “emergencies” simply because Congress will not do their jobs.


And in that length of time thousands of illegals and thousands of tons if illicit drugs would cross the border.

I would prefer he not use this tactic but he’s on firm grounds constitutionally to do so.

The Republicans just really screwed the pooch in not getting it passed while they still had control of both houses. They’d have never gotten a clean bill through the senate with a filibuster proof majority but they could have used one of the previous spending bills that had already passed and done it through reconciliation or Mitch could have used the nuclear option to take away the threat of filibuster.

Honestly I think house and senate republicans took the coward’s way out here and have left the POTUS in a position where he either has to break his biggest campaign promise, guaranteeing he can’t be reelected or use his emergency powers to get it through.

Using same may keep his reelection chances alive but it will also highly energize dem’s going into 2020 which could seriously hurt the republican cause when it comes to down ticket races.

You know me, I’m a hardliner when it comes to border security but I’m not sure that the cost in the long run is going to be worthwhile.