🔴 President Trump's First Oval Office Address





Pelosi had no facial expression other than to rapidly blink while Schumer spoke. They were both very creepy!


Not bad…



…and you can safely bet that there are armed guards within the walls…yet she wants the public to turn in their weapons.


This tweet is rather good too. Crazy Chuck and the guy from the Addams Family.


OMG. I am peeing my pants laughing. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love that Pelosi is using her tax-payer-funded government salary to get botox that looks like she’s wearing somebody else’s face like Hannibal Lecter. Disgusting.


We were tricked once before. “Sign this and we will address immigration later.” Famous lie after the check is in the mail. Do not trust - remember what they did last time with that large omnibus bill that gave us the disaster of Obamacare.


President Trump nailed it. He made the case for his border security plan very well, giving solid reasons why it is needed so badly. The crisis is real, President Trump made that very clear with real examples. Of course informed and reasonable people already knew that. Schumer and Pelosi however, failed to make a valid case. They made claims of misinformation on President Trump’s part but failed to cite examples or provide proof of any. Their bogus claim that there is no crisis is the real misinformation, being contrary to reality. Build the wall where it is needed and other measures for elsewhere. Democrats have the power to reopen federal government. They only have to put Americans first and work with President Trump to strengthen border security and protect Americans. Democrats’ petty hate is hurting the country.


Trump made his case for why mass migration from Illegals hurt Americans and how this issue qualifies as a crisis to better position his administration for implementation of national crisis policy. He knows that he would not get any compromise from Schumer and Pelosi or change Lefties minds. He created this PR opportunity to allow them to trap themselves in their hard-ball tactics, which they did, and in typical fashion expose their faux concern for some 25% of non-essential federal workers paychecks over victims of illegals and our national security.

I hope he uses tomorrow’s meeting as an opportunity to better advertise the Billions of tax dollars representatives currently allocated in the touted “Bi-partisan” bills to securing other nations, abortion abroad, and garbage regulations over protecting Americans.

We’ll see how this plays out but, unlike the Dems, Trump loses nothing by maintaining a government shutdown. He’s already hated by the Left and the majority of his supporters realize the ridiculous amount of waste inherent in government bureaucracies and want more shut down. If he doesn’t deliver or stand firm on this issue he will lose his base.


Bottom line for libs is they don’t care how many American gotta die as long as they can gain/hold power.


Nice house…too bad she doesn’t spend anytime there.


Good post, Trump has set himself up pretty good here, like you said not just the wall but other budgetary items that arises.

Welcome to the Bullpen…it must be lonely for you in NY. :wink:


Will comment on this in a couple hours or tomorrow, when I’m watching the rebroadcast.


But why don’t you tell us how you really feel?




I do that in The Rabbit Hole. I’m trying to curtail my vulgarity in public. :rofl: