President Trump: Time to fully recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights

US President Donald Trump has said that the time has come for the United States to “fully recognize” Israel’s sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights, seized from Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967.

This does not bode well for freedom loving peoples. Israels occupation of the Golan Heights and other areas of Palestine and Syria must only be recognized as an aggression and unlawful. The sooner Israel leaves the occupied territories the better it is for all. This is a Deep State ploy and it can only bring suffering to the people of the Middle East.

Trump is the worst Shabbos Goy ■■■ ass kisser that ever set foot in the White House.

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All joking aside, was this guy seriously put into place by Israel? He has literally done nothing about any of his promises he made to get elected, and it seems like he cares more about Israel than Netanyahu.

How is this possible? Do we live in hell? Is this a nightmare?


So much for not starting any new wars in the Middle East. I hate President Kushner sometimes.

If anyone does not now know that Trumpstein has been bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby, then surely they can have no more doubts after this. The Zionists have completely corrupted American politics.

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I bet Kushner and Bolton are so pissed that their lackey couldn’t get this done yesterday.

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That’s not a good idea.

Oh please tell everyone how you really feel.

Oh you did, you hate Trump.

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Wow, I thought he was bought and paid for by Russia.

Guess the Russia story grew old and no one listened anymore.

Not trying to poke the bear @LouMan but I seem to recall you not being very fond of Trump either.

I don’t hate President Trump - just the opposite. I loved that man. I am disappointed in him. I just wanted him to do what he said he was going to do and focus on Making America Great Again. He hasn’t done that.

I didn’t vote for the Prime Minister of Israel.

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Why not both?

Understanding Trump vs. Bruce Ohr: Think Russia’s top crime boss, Semion Mogilevich

Wait for the end…


Wow, never thought of that, maybe the whole world.

Not a big fan but not a trump hat either.

I find it amusing that everyone demands Obama b supported or your a racist yet the left refuses to support Trump on any issue.

Resist to the extreme at the expense of the American people.

p.s. trump was the lesser of 2 evils.

The lesser of 2 weasels as well.

I find Trump a novice in politics, he isn’t slick as a seasoned politician. I suspect that is why so many dislike him

Why is it I think you lie, could it be the tone of your posts?

Troll comes to mind.

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Possibly, but remember that most of the negative “news” about Hillary was actually false, negative propoganda.
Btw, i could not bring myself to vote for Trump or Hillary.