President Trump SHREDS a fake news hack during a press conference

President Donald Trump unloaded on left-wing CBS News reporter Paula Reid during the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing on Monday, telling her, “you know you’re a fake.”

Reid repeatedly tried to interrupt the president as he spoke about criticisms that he received from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden over the travel restrictions that he put on China at the end of January.

“What did you do with that time that you bought?” Reid asked. “The argument is that you bought yourself some time and you didn’t use it to prepare hospitals, you didn’t use it to ramp up testing.”

“You’re so disgraceful,” Trump fired back at the reporter. “It’s so disgraceful the way that you say that. Let me just, listen, I just went over it.”

Here’s the deal, boys and girls. A press conference is where the press is supposed to elicit questions for the sole purpose of INFORMING THE PUBLIC. Most presidents just walk up, take QUESTIONS and answer them.

For some reason, the fake news hacks have tried to use their precious time to argue with the president, filibuster and general try to make him look bad. That’s not journalism. That’s just plain assholism.


Not exactly…

The problem here is that this particular president has absolutely no respect for truth or facts…consequently your stated purpose for these events is thwarted.




Not so, Little Cowboy. President Trump has welcomed honest criticism and honest reporting of facts. His calling the fake new media the enemy of the people was translated by the fake news media as his attacking the existence of the free press. That is FAKE NEWS.

President Trump does not oppose the 1st Amendment right to freedom of the press. He opposes the idea the the free press considers their right to lie and present biased news as constitutionally protected.

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Trump is the most honest president in the history of America. EVERYTHING he has said in those press briefings is FACT. Fake news doesn’t like FACT. That doesn’t make it any less than FACT.

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President Trump has welcomed honest criticism and honest reporting of facts.

Not once, not ever.

no he isn’t…he is the filthiest disease ridden whore to ever slouch towards dc.

you voted for the Reality TV mogul, right?

If you had cable TV and watched the right channels, you’d remember hearing him say it.

Ignorance is bliss.

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Funny how I’ve gotta run a maze…

You’re a credulous coward

Oh, please don’t hurt my feelings! :rofl:


The creator of THIS.
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You really ENVY this man. First he builds a ten billion dollar international empire. Now he’s the greatest president in the history of America. And you think anyone is stupid enough to vote for Alzheimer Joe?

Nope He’s the greatest and most honest president in the history of America. When you say filthiest, disease ridden whore, you’re talking about the KENYAN SHOESHINE BOY.


I have no idea who that is…

I know whom APSA rates the 8th best POTUS of all time…

And whom they rate “worse than Buchanan”…

The low IQ troll virus has been nutralized and turned to shit.


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Why would you choose to go there?



The Degree of Delusion is almost tragic…

Watch how it’s done.

Ya follah, Snowflake?

There is no THEY except the vast majority of AMerica who rate Trump as the greatest president of all time. Buchanan was way superior to the KENYAN VILLAGE IDIOT.