President Trump has 'repeatedly expressed interest' in buying Greenland for the US

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President Donald Trump has discussed the prospect of purchasing Greenland, the world’s largest island, on multiple occasions, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal, citing people familiar with the deliberations, said Trump has “repeatedly expressed interest” in buying Greenland with “varying degrees of seriousness.”

Greenland, which is an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark, is between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans and has a population of roughly 56,000. Its government has authority over local matters, while Denmark handles issues related to foreign policy.

With the Arctic increasingly mentioned in discussions about national security, Greenland is in a vital geopolitical location. Greenland is also at the center of discussions on the globe’s climate crisis.

Trump has discussed with advisers the notion of buying Greenland, questioning whether it would be feasible, and asked White House counsel Pat Cipollone to delve into the topic, according to The Journal.

Some advisers have responded enthusiastically to Trump’s interest in purchasing Greenland, which is the site of the US military’s northernmost base (Thule Air Base), while others have seemingly scoffed at the idea, according to The Journal’s report.

The White House and State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment from INSIDER. The Journal also said it made inquiries with the Danish government and did not receive a response.

Trump is set to make his first presidential visit to Denmark in September, though the report said the trip was “unrelated” to the president’s ambition to purchase Denmark.

The US has bought territory from other countries in the past, including Alaska from Russia in 1867.

If The Journal’s report is accurate, Trump is also not the first president to express interest in acquiring Greenland. Not long after the cessation of World War II, former President Harry Truman in 1946 offered Denmark $100 million in gold for Greenland, but it refused to sell. At the time, Truman, military leaders, and members of Congress saw Greenland as an important geopolitical location and “a military necessity.”

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Not the first president to do so mind you! It is a strategic piece of real estate, as the Russian’s and the Chinese want a piece of it too and that should tell you something as to the importance of it!


Doesn’t matter, it’s not for sale. Going to have to sink one of our ships and blame it on Denmark, then kick their ass and take Greenland from them.

It does make sense from a military point of view.

That’s right. What very few people are reporting on is that the US has exclusive military land use rights of Greenland anyway. We can build whatever we want there whenever we want. We might as well just make it officially part of the US.

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I think this would be so cool! I hope the US can do this! I would seriously think about moving to Greenland if it became another US state or territory.

Before you start packing…

Leave it to the Monty muncher to poo poo such ideas! Lol!

I guess we can stop spending so much money to protect Denmark then :us:

Denmark isn’t even under any threats, but certainly they should provide their own security, and that having nothing to do with their unwillingness to sell something that they’d prefer to hang on to.

Don’t be so worried and upset @montecresto1 Trump has given us his word and I support him.


No worries on either point…:blush::+1:

The real question is, would what would Greenlanders do if this hypothetical purchase happens? Do they move back to Denmark, or stay and become green Americans?

They could be more interested in working with China.

Yeah I am sure you would like and support that!

Trump may make it a WINTER WONDERLAND.

He’s not buying it…

I know Monte, lighten up.

I’m light, it’s all good…:blush::+1: