President Trump Fires War Monger John Bolton

President Trump announced Tuesday that he has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton, saying he “disagreed strongly” with his suggestions on a range of issues.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” Trump tweeted Tuesday.


What’s crazy about this is the media is falling all over themselves defending John Bolton…just because Trump fired him :rofl:

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I know it’s typical leftist liberal looney toons behavior. I’m actually sorry to hear it because I like John Bolton, I don’t think he is a war monger I think he is a warrior, plus the more leftists hate someone the more I like them.

I’m glad to see him go. All of the Bush era neocons should have gotten the boot a long time ago. Trump’s agenda was to put America first. People like Bolton got in the way of Trump doing that.

Trump doesn’t need Bolton! He’s got Jared Kushner! All we need to do is shovel money to Israel and do exactly what Israel says! This is too easy of a solution.

Where and what media because I am not seeing it?

We are about to get another major happening and this is why. The deep state is gonna fight back and Bolton is going to issue the commands.

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Who would have thought notorious neocon John Bolton would have been out of step with the non-interventionist platform that Trump ran on?

How completely unforeseeable.

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Trump doesn’t want to win in 2020 and probably will elect not to run shortly before elections to throw everything into a clusterfuck.

NO MATTER WHO IS President in 2020-2028, they will be dealing with the worst economy in our history rivaling that of the great depression and Trump knows this and doesn’t want his legacy based on this.

He will orchestrate some short-term ~3 year peace deal in the middle east at the end of this term to secure his legacy and then everything goes to shit.

Doesn’t matter what Trump does, it’s wrong.

When someone is hated by all the right people … is the way I put it.

I never understood why he had one of the main architects of the Iraq war in such a vital position in the White House? Trump had always been opposed to the Iraq war so his presence never truly made sense to me.

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I have aleays supported Joltin John may not always a likeable man, but a straight shooter. Probably a bit to much of a hawk for todays foreign politics. The Leftists should be happy,one less Israel supporter is gone.Ilhan is probably wetting her pants in excitement.
Now Joltin John can appear on Fox News, hopefully starting with Greg Gutfeld.

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I always felt Trump brought Bolton in as an attack dog to intimidate his counterparties. Trump doesn’t want wars (Bolton did/does) he wants to negotiate; he’s a deal maker. That’s why the establishment and the deep state oppose him; precisely because he is not a warmonger.

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John Bolton needs to stop what he’s doing and go testify in front of Congress RIGHT NOW! I know he won’t though because he’s a typical conservative who won’t say a word until his book tour.

Testify about what exactly?

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Long term, the mustache was just too much to overcome.

We’ve had a consistent pattern of each replacement being worse than the last. That’s going to be a very hard tradition to continue here.


Mustache musta given him an honest opinion of how that Taliban peace talk bullshit really looks to the world. I predict this position will be left unfilled from here on like the rest. The orange sharpie is backing up hard into his bunker of crazy. It’s going to be a monumental ride to next year.

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Jared Kushner replies - “Hold my beer…”

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This is a smart move by Bolton, unfortunately for us and the future. He’s going to be circulating in Washington saying he was fired for attempting to moderate the lunatic. Meanwhile, the paranoia in the lunatic is at a point now where I doubt if he thinks he can trust anyone new.