President Trump Fires War Monger John Bolton

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Given that has he has already scraped up and discarded most of the bottom of the barrel during his first 3 years, who is he going to find to serve in his cabinet if he manages to win in 2020? I though he had reached his nadir. :worried:

Erik Prince - given that Trump wants the head of Boeing as SecDef and the head of AccuWeather for NOAA and so on, the guy that wants a private army seems a good fit for national security advisor.

Yours was no worse right? I mean come on you can do a better job right? AS if you are the perfect human that is without mistakes! Lol!

This was a good decision on Trump’s part!


Why did Trump fire John Stossel? Bc he delcared war on Africa?

That question is one I can not answer. In fact I had no idea he was working for the Trump Admin in the first place! Always liked Stossel. I loved his book “Give Me a Break”!

It was for a different purpose such as using him to get to others and to keep an eye on the deep state, particularly as it related to the Venezuela and Iran situations. Now that he served his purpose JB is out.


Ha ha ha! Now that is funny! Ben Shitspiro!

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He could do a lot worse - Obama’s stooges were all worse, ending with Susan Rice.

That being said, I don’t dislike Bolton, but if he couldn’t keep his inclination for meddling under control, good riddance. He still can’t accept that the Iraq invasion was a catastrophe, a sad legacy that president disastro (dubya) left behind that still contaminates the GOP.