President Trump calls Adam Schiff a CROOKED BASTARD



“Say it, you crooked bastard, say it!”

Gotta love him.


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Yea, the president called some one a name again…

News flash…:roll_eyes:

Seems to be a lot of name callin these days. Deplorables - aka: Those who do not wish to see the greatest nation in recorded history, being drug into a festering degenerate cesspool.

Anyway, it gives me comfort knowing Hillary is out of the game. Let her rant & rave till the cows come home. Heh.

Fifty-five point seven million out of the 109.3 million Americans who cast their ballots in those counties voted for Trump, while only 48.1 million voted for Hillary Clinton, according to the latest county by county election results reported at Politico. The remaining 5.4 million voted for other candidates.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So according to ( snicker ) Hillary, 27,000,000 +++ American citizens are deplorable ( in her eyes ). Especially the citizens who didn’t vote for her. Ain’t it ironic Hillary, deplorables put Trump in office.

Yes, Hillary went there, foolishly, and she paid for it. Presumably you didn’t appreciate it.

Here we have a thread created for the express purpose of bragging on Trump for name calling. This is beyond bizarre, but where America is now.

I’m just saying HE GOT IT RIGHT! Adam Schiff is a CROOKED BASTARD! :rofl:

…as is Jerrold Nadler!

…and I am a deplorable “red hatter”…as you do often refer to all people that support President Trump, you name-caller you!


She’s out of the game…:man_shrugging:

Where’s the ranting and raving???

All she’s going to do now is the occasional Howard Stern show that she never did (to my knowledge) or would have done as a politician.

Thanks to Stern, she can broaden her horizons.

Yeah, you’re right, and she sure did in that interview.

President Trump is honest enough to say what he feels and is right about Shifty Schiff.
Some people still want the same old tired BS of presidents using alot of words to nothing.Trump makes everything clear so there is no mistake what he says.
Big deal!!! He bruised Schiffs ego.Schiff is carrying out the Luberals attemp to divide votersand subvert the election with this REDICULOUS impeachment.

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You know darned well that the foul language used privately in DC politics is much worse then what President Trump says in public. And just why would he want to coddle those out to destroy him and divide and destroy the country, I call that piece of Schiff a lot worse and I am sure there are 10’s of millions of American who would do the same and really appreciates that Trump says it for us.




Was Clinton just being honest enough to say how she felt when she called half of Trump’s supporters deplorables???

Good god the mighty, Trump REALLY could murder someone on fifth avenue and be excused by you guys.

Do you think Crooked Hillary was correct?

Well sure, that’s always the case, of course you’re a little more ballsy in private than you are publicly. But Trump, is the first white trash president we’ve had that stands up in front of god and everybody and spouts his filth like a freshmen in high school. Just a real nasty piece of shit…

If you want to see one of those just look in the mirror.

Well, you’re going to have to deal with him for a second term. Get used to it.

I’m sure there are many internet safe spaces you can lick your wounds at.

Perhaps even counseling for TDS will be approved by insurance carriers soon. :wink:

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