President Trump calls Adam Schiff a CROOKED BASTARD

That’s all you’ve got is a personal insult. Trump’s a public figure and stands before us all calling anybody he doesn’t like or agree with, human scum, bastard, son of a bitch, etc., He can receive it in return.

He’s an absolute disgrace to the office and an embarrassment to America.

Monte needs a wambulance! :rofl:


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We may be deplorables, but we are smart enough to elect Trump President and piss her off and we will re elect him to 4 more years.
Monte, you would rather have a Democratic Gas Bag talk like some academian ,say lot of nothing and let the the opposition continue to hurl insults and attempt to subvert his presidency and re election efforts.
Trump is a street fighter which DC can’t handle. In last night’s speech,he called out the Dems for what they are.



4 heebs, a black, and a catholic.

Well that’s not true, more people support impeaching Trump than ever supported impeaching Clinton.

Monte, you have TDS.
Whatever you’re taking, it’s not working.

Well of course you couldn’t dispute that, so instead you insult…:roll_eyes:

Trump and Schiff are both morons. This is all a distraction and it’s working so well. Pay attention to the shiny objects over here while the USSA gets fucked.

What an awful thing, comparing crooked bastards to someone like Schiff…