President Trump and tariffs

I think that a good case can be made that tariffs are a necessary evil–especially against China–but I am a bit disappointed by President Trump’s declaration that he is “a tariff man.”

It is one thing to say that, under the circumstances, tariffs may be the appropriate way to go–no better way is evident–but it is quite another to revel in tariffs, as though they were an inherently good thing.

It would be well, I believe, to distinguish between the two.


There are already several threads on tariffs but okay…

I am surprisingly okay with this. Although, the American consumer will ultimately pay for this- it won’t have as large of an impact as the China tariffs- considering we don’t get as many items from Mexico. If it motivates Mexico to police their borders- I am okay with this. I am hopeful that we see some results.


If my mantra was that I was a peaceful person and anything could be solved peacefully, I’d probably disappoint some if I were backed into a corner and actually came out swinging.

I think that this is what has happened with Trump and Mexico (I am assuming this is what brought this topic about).

He’s been backed into a corner by RHINO’s, the democrats as well as Mexico saying one thing and doing another.

Time to hit them where it hurts. If that is the only recourse he has left then so be it. American’s by being complacent about it are going to have to pay the piper as well.


All those rich American companies that abandoned the United States to save a buck in Mexico. They’re not gonna like this. I love it. :smiley::smiley:

What needs to be addressed is making it an equal playing field here so that businesses don’t have to go elsewhere to compete to survive.

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And what other tools does he have o work with as congress is holding the country hostage?

He could refuse all government spending however that would likely force a veto over ride and the GOP would support it.

He has requested every way from Sunday money to enforce the border. Crickets from congress.
He has requested the house address the asylum laws. So far crickets.
Once they cross the birder illegally they scream asylum, they are granted temporary asylum, released into the US to disappear forever.

What choice does Trump have with Mxici and central America?


Trump has been figuratively handcuffed, gagged and sucker punched trying to do what the people who voted him into office asked him to do.

Most people would crumble when faced with such opposition. Yet, he comes out swinging.

You have to give him credit for sticking to his guns.


Tariffs are never good. But at times, it is necessary. Whether you like Trump or you hate Trump, China has been taking advantage of the US for too long. The WTO won’t do a damned thing to China. And sometimes, we have to take the matters in our own hands.
Yes it will hurt the import and export industries for awhile. Depending on if Trump is doing this for the long run, it is good to implement some sort of tax on goods.
If he is doing this for the short run, it could effect the economy he established for the past two years. And that could hurt him in 2020. The Democrats won’t forget it and will use it as their platform during the 2020 Re-election.

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Exactly ! We hear all the liberals whine about " a living wage " and the exploitation of women and children and pretend they CARE ! We know these Countries destroy the environment and are among the HIGHEST polluters . Yet they continue to buy “cheap” foreign goods from Countries that cheat , pollute , and exploit .


I have heard him say several times that he would prefer that no tariffs are imposed by any country. That way, the free market would prevail.

Tariffs are simply a way to tax your own consumers for purchasing imported goods. They are to discourage the consumption of imported goods by artificially raising their costs.


Tarrifs level the playing field. Many US products are subject to tarrifs all around the world.

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As well as making goods produced in country more competitive…which creates jobs and innovation.

Well yeah, but that’s been his idiotic position from the beginning…:rofl:

“Tariffs are the greatest! Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly on Trade negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs. It’s as simple as that - and everybody’s talking! Remember, we are the ‘piggy bank’ that’s being robbed. All will be Great!”

That’s what El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago thinks, but most of his advisors and economists say otherwise.

Economists had their chance at being correct when they predicted- using their science of course - a great depression if Trump was elected.

They should stick to explaining the past and present and stay out of the fortune telling business.

Which is more idiotic? The drain our resources (medical/education/welfare) or kicking Mexico financially to the curb so they start feeling some of the financial pain as well?

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You’re the one that said you didn’t like that he was reveling in tariffs, I just pointed out that he always has. :man_shrugging:

…and you would be lying…again. He has said that he would drop all tariffs for countries that do not have tariffs on US goods.

“Tariffs are the greatest!”

The Donald

Can you find a direct quote source for that?

In the meantime, just ignore the bigger picture because… TDS is ever so much more important.