Pray For A Miracle

If you believe that voter fraud occurred during this election, keep praying and have faith. I know that it looks hopeless, but God has performed miracles before and he’ll keep performing miracles. Pray for a miracle and have faith. It’s not over until the 20th.


Lol. There will be no miracles, and god wouldn’t be doing anything to keep “grab em by the pussy” Don in our nations capital. Wanna bet…:thinking:

I think Trump did good things, but he also didn’t stand for good, Christian things, though he appeals to a lot of Christians, somehow… Sure, the US needed a strong, do-or-die type after Obama, but I feel he isn’t the idol you all make him out to be. He would probably be preferable to Biden, though, hearing what he might do to the country.

Anyway, it could get even worse here in Britain. If JRM doesn’t run for PM, we’re screwed. And even he went back on his word about Brexit.

Lol, well that’s for sure…:rofl::rofl:

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God save us from a regime no one voted for. Do the peoples will, grant us Trump! Thank you

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Who is JRM? Nigel Farage?

I don’t think you will find many that think he’s an idol. You will find many that like the way the country was going under him. You will find many that liked the way he didn’t take shit from either side. You will find many that appreciated that he said what many of us think… and damn the torpedos.

I don’t like the man… never did. I like that the country was doing well… and so was I.


Don’t let that Eton educated toff tick you if you vote for labour or conservative it leads to the same place two wings of the same bird. you need to vote reform party that’s the only realistic way to get out of lockdown sort out the immigration problems and the massive level of corruption within our government

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No, Jacob Rees-Mogg. He’s often compared to Farage, though. I haven’t reviewed his stuff in a while, but last time I checked I wasn’t a fan of big Nigel.

Jacob mogg Rees he is another elitist from the UK our country has been run by people that go to Eton school for so long the corruption is so clear you would think we are Zimbabwe

Could you tell me more about the reform party?

ya why don’t you get on your knees and pray…hahaha you’ll need a lot more than that hahaha


That’s really nice of you, mate. I don’t get your point, though.

I have enough teaching the crazy nut case right wing trumputins here…
like I want to spend my time getting you up to speed…why are you here
you have your hands full where you are…

I just want to explore politics. I’m not going to interrupt you if you don’t want to deal with me. I’m not a troll. You just seem a bit angry.

Explore the “ignore” function. Thank me later :grin: Oh & Welcome. :smiley:


I doubt god has any real interest in who is President. Man has free will which means God lets us make our own mistakes.

Trump has lost, accept it and move on. Focus on helping the Republicans to be an effective opposition. Government works best for the people when both sides are ready to compromise. Stalemate and partisanship we have seen from both sides these last four years does nothing to help America.


YEs I have seen him many times on BBC and Sky.

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Thanks! I will check it out in future.