Poor baby. Your delcared war, strike one

@KVN @Patriot

Every time I create a topic, @Dr_Manhattan duplicates it. He’s buddy @Roamingwyoming bumps it.

And @LouMan edits my topic header.

I have asked over and over again in private chats and on the board please stop duplicating bumping and editing my threads.
They are making a mockery of your site. They don’t want to follow the rules to keep topics in one thread, they get frustrated because they didn’t create the original.
I do apologize for responding, but where I come from you dont sit quietly while getting attacked.
They have turned your hard work in to a joke all because they can’t play fair.
I hope you understand I respect your hard work. They don’t. Just a sad place we are in.
Please when you come back. Lou should be banned, Manhattan needs a 30 day ban to think if he wants to remain a member here. Thank you

A letter to the MODS Jason is playing victim again, by making false accusations repeatedly. He has been harassing members here constantly to the point I had to ask you moderators to intervene on my behalf to get this person Jason to stop sending me personal messages!

No one here chooses to interact with him or comment in his threads then is upset and falsely accuses people of things he is originally guilty of. Most members here are pretty fed up with Jason’s stalking behavior and constant need for attention so he has to shite all over everyone’s posts and comments here!

@KVN @Patriot

Please help in addressing this persons. Negative toxic behavior on this site that no one here cares for!


@Roamingwyoming is personal friends with Mannhatten, so when my thread is duplicated, this co-conspirator attacks me by bumping illegal threads…

Just a system they have created… he just wants to make a mockery of your hard work. Please ban him. I been here four years. An original member of free Bird.
This guy just helps manny attack me

No one is duplicating your threads, more lies on your part.

How about the use of your fake accounts that you use to artificially promote your threads with?

Sounds like you are being a hypocrite by your fake crying wolf here that no one sympathizes with! I would say look in the mirror but like always as you demonstrated before such a concept is not something you are capable of. You can’t be honest with yourself first!

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No not really.
I’ve had several threads duplicated and you bump them. You made a mockery of @Patriot hard work, I hope he has no mercy on you

Yes really! You started all this with Dr Manhattan from the very beginning because you were jealous of him. Your ego couldn’t stand it so you started duplicating his threads, changing his taglines, inventing false conversations then turning around and claiming that he did it first when in truth, it was your childish behavior and fragile ego that started it all! You can deny it all you want but I saw the proof so there is no use in trying to hide that fact.

No you’re wrong, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
He has duplicated several of my threads. And you bump them. You have made a mockery of the hard work by @Patriot

BTW do you really think resorting to such childish behavior is going to compel people on this site to participate in your threads or have any interaction with you? Are you really that mental to think that?

This is what you think is going to change it for you?

That’s just as disrespectful as you bumping a duplicated thread that I asked you to stop. You don’t listen, you have tuned this place in to a mockery. Apologize to @Patriot he deserves the respect.

You are falsely accusing me of something that is simply not true. As I stated before but you are too much of a thick headed imbecile to understand is I openly stated I choose and don’t want to participate in your threads. I am free to choose the threads I participate in. You don’t get to decide that so stop trying to be a bully!

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Lol leave roaming alone hahah

That is for ALL of you involved in this childish BS. It’s like visiting grade school every day…lol.

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I’m trying to rein the attacks in. Every time I log on, I have my thread duplicated, or attacked. Or the head line edited.

They have to accept the rules. If I create a topic you can’t duplicate it. You have to discuss in the topic.
All this drama goes away

Maybe the mods that you guys keep refering to will care one day. :rofl:


They are going to come in to a shit show.

  1. Thread topic, no duplicates.

Why is it so hard for them to follow the rules?

Nothing is going to change! We will keep ignoring you! If you want to act like a child then we will continue to document it!

Nobody cares what you ignore but if you duplicate a thread you’re gonna get banned. Lol when the mods come back, I will create a topic and you will write in it or you won’t write at all. Lol

Did you see this? How would you react to this?

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What’s the difference between that and him editing my thread that I worked hard on??