Pompeo Announces an Additional $100 Million in Aid to China

The question is why? China can afford to fund their own crisis that was of their own making so why are taxpayers being asked to fund a country that has billion dollar surpluses and actively steals from us? This is so freaking infuriating!

You have got to be shitting me with this. Why the fuck are we giving 100 MILLION DOLLARS OF TAXPAYER MONEY to China? Those thieving bastards have been ripping us off for decades and have the second largest economy on Earth. Let them solve their own fuck ups. It was their dumb asses that accidentally released a bio-weapon on themselves. We should invest that $100M in kicking every Chinese national out of the country.

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This is garbage. I don’t care if 100m Chinese die in this outbreak. Maybe that would teach them to respect life more - instead of torturing animals and killing kids for the fun of it. The Chinese are a depraved people who are simply getting what karma always delivers. That 100m could go to improving a lot of things in this country and giving that sum of money away to the Chinese should be criminal.

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Pompeo is a fat neocon prick who would sell out America to the lowest bidder. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone paying attention.

Amen brother!

My bigger question is why and what are the motives behind this egregious decision?

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What a fuked up decision!!! I’d rather see some of the money kept here and some split between the ROC( Taiwan) , Japan and the Philippines to improve their military against Communist China aggression in SE Asia.
Who cares how many of them die!!!To them its only a culling of the herd.They can replace them rather easily with their birthrate.

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I want to know who else in the Trump administration thought giving money to the CHICOMS was a good idea. I’d like to see Trump cancel this deal immediately and verbally admonish Pompeo for giving away our resources like this.

Agree with you on booting them all out. We shouldn’t have any CHICOMS in this country. We should also boot out anybody who has been giving them aid and comfort, like Dianne Feinstein and that Chinese spy she had as a driver for like 30 years.

Let them spend their own money!!! Did Pompeo forget about wanting countries to pay their fair share???

Reduce their ownership of Treasury bonds by 100 Million.

(I know that can’t be done, but still it would be nice).

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I woke up a few minutes ago and saw this headline and thought no way. The US just wouldn’t be giving $100M to the Chinese.

Yep…we are. WTF is going on with this?

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Unreal. China is our competitor (and likely enemy) with the second largest economy in the world and we’re providing them with $100M in support?

Just think what $100M could do to support medical care requirements and preparedness right here in the US. What, exactly, is MAGA about this?

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Homeless Veterans could put $100,000,000 to better use . China will only use that money to produce more weapons against the USA .
China is arguably the biggest international threat to the United States. They have become increasingly aggressive in making global moves. They are building islands in the South Pacific, they are gaining footholds on multiple continents—including Africa—and they are increasing the size of their military, as well as producing more weapons and warships.

To add to what you just pointed out, now they proven their bio-weapons are effective too which doubles in their threat to the rest of world if they prove they can wipe out three quarters of the worlds population! I really like to know how this admin can justify this aid when China can afford to pay their own expenses for a crisis they created? Also funny how our own leftist media is not saying much either? Odd isn’t it?


Instead of offering them money, we should offer the expertise of the CDC to physically help with finding a solution to the abatement of the spread of the virus.

Giving them money will have only one silver lining: It will enable President Trump to withhold the money until China investigates corruption within their country.

No way they are letting the CDC anywhere near them.

That would mean no more hiding the actual numbers of infected and deaths.

Not verified to me yet, bbut I think I heard President Trump say that the World Health Organization and the CDC were both helping. I don’t know that it requires their presence in China but it seems to me it would.

Was this $100M in exchange for the billions in intellectual property they have stolen from the US for decades? I’d be fine giving them $100M in aid in exchange for them reimbursing the businesses they have ripped off.

I don’t think I am fine with handing them a blank check, however if this story is being misinterpreted and the money they are talking about is the resources being made available to ORGS such as the CDC and the WHO then I suppose that is a different take on this story after reading further. For the life of me I can never justify giving China a blank check when they (CHICOM’s) have a treasure trove all to themselves and they should foot their own bill to take responsibility for the mess they created.

I would hope that’s the case. If that 100 million is to fund CDC research, study and other technical knowledge of this virus then yeah we should be involve.

This is what? 3 time deadly viruses originated from China? Seems like China is number 1 exporter of deadly virus.