Pompeo Announces an Additional $100 Million in Aid to China

That is right! There is much speculation as to how this was originated, and so far its connected to a Chinese National researcher bringing the virus from Canada to Wuhan. There is also the American Professor who was recently arrested on the 28th for lying to investigators about the source of his funding, which is connected to the research facility in Wuhan.

IMO, my hope is that there is competent oversight and this money is being used for resources in connection to our own ORGS than to be giving China any financial aid. This entire crisis I believe was a BIO-weapon research project that somehow escaped the lab in Wuhan. I digress to be making this thread about the Coronavirus, but we do need to be asking specifics about where this money is going and how it is being spent, the Taxpayers have a right to know, especially considering that China treats the US as an adversary than a friendly trading partner.

Now Pompeo says this about China WTF !!! Why the F are we giving them $100,000,000 ?