Polls indicated that Islam is overwhelmingly unwelcome in Germany

What the politicians and the dumb liberals don’t get is that among those ‘Muslim barbarians’ are jihadists and criminals. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet; as I wrote yesterday, I wonder what’s being kept quiet in Sweden these days. One thing’s for sure - culturally, Sweden will never be ‘Sweden’ again. Remember the Swedish women with their ‘Refugees are welcome here’ placards? Bloody suckers - the ‘refugees’ probably thought they’d landed in some kind of Shangrila?

I’m not religious but I find it quite easy to not sin? In fact I find it harder to sin than not to sin. Which, when you think about it, begs the question of why religious people sin, then have to ask forgiveness for it every Sunday? Is that weird or what?

We’ve known this has been on the cards since the 7th century (it’s all in Bitter Lake) so why the fuck have we been leaving it to Assad and the Russians to try and head it off for us, rather than trying to stop them from doing it - in other words helping ISIS? How seriously bizarre is that?

We haven’t been interfering with Assad and Russia dealing with ISIS, we’ve been preventing then from slaughtering innocent Syrians.

ISIS is only one faction fighting Assad.

Why the hell would Assad and Russia want to ‘slaughter innocent Syrians’? And even if they do, how can they differentiate between ‘innocent Syrians’ and jihadists? Unless you can convince me otherwise, I’m absolutely certain they’d rather not kill civilians, and would be very grateful to you if you could tell them how not to, and how to restrict the slaughter to ISIS members? In fact the rest of us would be grateful to you, because Asad and Russia are doing it for us westerners. The bizarre thing in all this is - why aren’t we helping them to?

We know they have been slaughtering innocents from the casualties and from eyewitness reports of those fleeing the civil war.

ISIS as an organization has been destroyed, the Caliphate no longer exists thanks to the Kurds and US airpower.

Look TWR ‘we’ don’t know anything other than what the fake western MSM news broadcasters feed us with? I note you don’t answer any of the highly salient questions which I posited?

No, I simply don’t live in a conspiracy nut bubble. All of your questions were answered.

If you absorb some history you will find that mankind’s greatest pass-time is killing other members of his species.

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quote So why do all those fine Muslim countries not throw open their doors to those refugees? unquote

The answer’s in the question; it’s because those countries are already Islamic and already live by Sharia law. Here’s the real elephant in the room question though: why would the populaces of countries of a non-western culture and a temperate climate, choose to migrate to countries with whom they have nothing whatsoever in common culturally, and whose climates are freezing cold all the time?

That isn’t a relevant answer. For instance, why would Russians want to kill Syrian civilians?

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You have to first define sin! Your definition maybe different to those who are religious!

It def is a relevant answer it just requires looking at human history in the aggregate!

Stop with the smart-ass word games and try to answer the question in a pertinent way that makes sense please? Why would Russians want to kill innocent Syrians?

I am not playing word games I am merely responding to your inaccurate previous statement. When you reciprocate appropriately then we can discuss your inquiry seeing that it was not originally intended for me!

Would you like to remind me of the previous statement to which you refer? I’ve made quite a few previous statements.

< presumption > Russia wants better access to the Mediterranean Sea.

When Europeans Are Tired Of The Dregs
It’ll Be Too Late
It Already Is In Some Countries
Sounds Cliche, But
These Countries Will Need Something Like A Return To The Reich

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Well I only responded to two not that hard to figure out!

There is perhaps a lot of truth in that statement.

However the transition process is not quick (not short-lived) and always painful.