Political Bullpen Banned From Facebook

Yesterday, without any sort of warning or notification, I was banned from Facebook along with the official Political Bullpen page which had just hit 900 subscribers after only being active for a few months. I had a massive network of conservative friends (2500+) and would share our threads with dozens of private groups and on my timeline which was seen by a few thousand people, daily.

I disputed the ban and Facebook asked me to upload a copy of my drivers license. I reluctantly did because @Patriot has been banned from Facebook for sometime and I wanted to keep providing links to our community to those who enjoy reading our threads. After uploading my license and a picture of myself to Facebook, I was informed today that my “evidence” was not sufficient and that my account would be disabled and would not be reviewed further.

If any of you still have a Facebook account please share links to our threads. It appears like the Political Bullpen page has not yet been disabled. If anyone could post a link to this thread there then at least our subscribers will see it.

Keep up the great work everyone!


It looks like the next purge is starting. This aligns perfectly to the bans on YouTube and what we just learned about Pinterest.


I can’t wait for the day that Facebook goes the way of MySpace.


I haven’t logged in in months and just tried to. Here’s what I got. I think @Ocasio2018 is right. We are on the front end of the next purge.

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I view it as a badge of honor.

Obviously you have ruffled the feathers of the progressive left.

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It really is a double-edged sword. I agree getting an official Facebook ban means you have cred. It can also completely obliterate your digital/online business.

Think about this. A baker refuses to bake a cake and ends up in the SCOTUS. Facebook, You Tube ban people and nothing happens.


It’s funny how Facebook never bans pedos, gangbangers, or loud and proud ISIS members…but anyone slightly right of Marx gets a ban.

I am not surprised by this news but it still makes me MAD AS HELL! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I plan on going on Facebook later and just posting all sorts of stuff about this ban all over their official Facebook pages. If I can figure out how to post on Zuckerberg’s page I am going to do that too.

Yep. It is definitely not cool getting jammed up because somebody does not like what you post. I empathize.

I’m guessing I would probably be banned as well. After the Mark Fuckerberg testimony, I /rage quit Facebook and deleted my account. I will NOT be responsible for that piece of shit making a single DIME extra.


That’s awful :frowning: I’m sorry that happened. Not only is your account still disabled, but they now have a picture of your driver’s license, and identity, and anyone that works for Facebook can now have access to that. I don’t share anything about politics on my main feed; I only do it in certain groups.

Facebook also has some serious issues regarding privacy. I only use it to keep up with online friends and extended family, and to get help in support groups, but nothing more.

I’ll go ahead and post the link to the thread. Kaitlin Bennett and other Conservatives/Libertarians are still going, so maybe you can post on Liberty Hangout’s page, and others.

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Welp, never mind, the page is either disabled or they banned me from looking at it. I’m guessing it is the former.

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I’d just make a new account, and add everyone that you can think of. Make several sock accounts too. I’m wondering if some disaffected liberal reported your content.

Isn’t it strange how this page gets disabled, but Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and other anti-semetic groups get a pass?


Not really strange. Rather EXPECTED of a rich liberal asshole like Mark Zuckerberg.

He and George Soros are anti-American globalists.


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I never get involved in any social media. I find it best to keep a low profile. Stay under the radar.

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I think this is a message about how we are all a community that needs to ban together to fight back this evil tyranny that are the tech companies and their need to silence the voices who don’t buy the arguments of the left that are competing against their agenda! Competition in the free market is the answer!

BP says it best and perhaps it is time to give consideration to alternative sites such this that support Free Speech.

Good. Social media is like asbestos. It has a million and one uses and all of them give you cancer.

Congratulations on the ban.

Who is on Facebook anyhow? Really, somewhere about 2012 I decided ‘this is stupid’ and left.

Is Republic Standard there?