Police officers were reportedly asked to leave a Tempe Starbucks for making customers feel unsafe, sparking the #DumpStarbucks campaign

  • #DumpStarbucks” started trending on Twitter after news surfaced that a barista at a Tempe, Arizona store reportedly askedpolice officers to leave because they were making customers feel unsafe.
  • The Tempe Officers Association tweetedthat six police officers stopped at a Starbucks on July 4 before their shift and were approached by a barista who said a customer “did not feel safe” because of their presence and asked them to eitherremove themselves from the customer’s line of sight or leave.
  • A spokesperson for Starbucks told USA Today that the company was gathering details about the incident and has reached out to the Tempe Police Department and the Tempe Officers Association to apologize and “better understand what happened.”

What kind of morons feel unsafe around cops? There is no reasom to unless you’re a criminal. They’re the people that keep everyone safe from criminals and crazies. Dont spend your hard earned money on the chain that wants to protect the feelings of criminals.

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Anyone frequenting SB’s and paying their ridiculous prices is an idiot to start with.

The corporate culture at SB’s tends to agree with the BLM/Anti Cop crowd anyhow and apparently sees that position as one that enhances rather than detracts from their revenue stream.

Unless and until people start simply walking past SB’s in favor of other businesses this isn’t going to change.


The way I see the civil war starting is, it’s gonna be the Right, the Military, and the Police, all uniting against the Left. I’ll bet that Antifa will attack a detention center, prompting Trump to place the areas attacked under marshall law, the military roles in, Antifa gets mowed down. I don’t see the military and police siding with the Left. Not when the Left keeps demonizing them.

The police serve the elites, and non-whites serve themselves. None of them are your friends. Start working together and take back your areas/resources from BOTH of them.

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Well if the guy was waiting to rob the store i guess he would feel unsafe if the cops were there, how inconsiderate of them!


Well that’s not gonna happen. The POTUS cannot even send in federal troops without a request from the governor of the state, a state of emergency declaration, and any attempt to do so is going to face immediate challenges both in the federal courts and congress.

And this dump is the very same place that called the police after two black men sat for hours without ordering a thing , they then 'CHANGED " their policy and allowed everyone to come in regardless if they order or not . So now they ask the POLICE TO LEAVE because some turd liberal feels unsafe coloring their coloring book with police in the house . F Starbutt !!!


There are other places to get coffee too. No worries.




Good gawd the mighty. You wish to penalize an entire industry that has apologized and pointed out that the employee was NOT following any company policy.

How about viewing this as the Tempe Police Department has???

In a statement released on Twitter, the Tempe police department said they hoped the incident at Starbucks will be an “isolated incident between one community member and a single employee rather than an entire organization.”

Same chain but it isn’t the same actual store is it?

Starbucks is not an entire industry, it is one of millions of coffee shops and chains.

Again, why should this successful industry be penalized for a single employees action, particularly after they have apologized for it, and clarified that it’s not company policy???

It isn’t an industry, it’s a chain.

Is one employee in one industry going to spark a civil war…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Adolph Hitler. Any of those names ring a bell?

JFC!!! Why do you have such a low esteem of the police and military. You have a pipe dream, and neither of those institutions will start killing their fellow Americans because they are members of the wrong party or have differing values in some areas…

Kent State ring any bells? About about the entire civil rights era? The US civil war?