Plane Crash in Tehran

@montecresto1 General Schwarzkopf (Stormin’ Norman) spent his teenage days in Tehran and he wrote about them.
Tehran is a modern cosmopolis, not a backward Bedouin campsite. The biggest danger there are traffic accidents.

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Yes, I understand that, but I’m American.

I hear you.
Recently I was taking a walk with an Australian in a touristy spot in Japan and we were laughing about Americans never saying they “come from America” or they were "Americans.”

To the question “Where are you from?” Americans would say something like “I’m from California” or “I’m from Chicago” avoiding the mention of America or US even in US-friendly Japan.

There were also two American women sitting on a train and talking very, very quietly. Unusually so. Probably the word they get from the US Embassy is to keep a low profile.

The actions of the US government have certainly made lives of Americans overseas uncomfortable.

Well, I never thought I would be uncomfortable in Japan, but I guess one never knows. I even quit travel to Mexico 20 years ago, though the problem there isn’t the fault of the US government as much as it is American demand for illicit drugs that make them so profitable, and when you have an illegal substance that generates so much profit, you’re going to have corruption and violence.

That’s would be likely since the plane engine was already burning when video started.

Right. Well somebody suggested that it couldn’t have been hit by a missile because we didn’t see one… shrug. Anyway, I think the same person now accepts the likelihood.

There’s zero evidence to suggest the Max problem has anything to do with a “diversity” program.

Just quit.

Not seeing any reports of any “notables” on the flight.

It appears it was just a typical business/tourist flight.

We should have more details in a few days.

The only thing I’m seeing of any note is that there were some UK citizens on board.

Personally I think anyone living in a western country traveling to or living in Iran is absolutely nuts with of course the exception of diplomatic personnel.

No, the biggest danger there is the gov’t.

Remember not too long ago they massacred 1,500 peaceful protesters in the streets.

You’re lying again. …

Not only is Ukraine is a major center of Deep State operations, but literally everything that is going on right now has one foot in Ukraine:

  • The secret protocols of the Iran Nuclear Deal were brokered there back in 2015. Soleimani was the key negotiator of the secret protocols for the Iranian side.
  • Ukraine is where Crowdstrike has sequestered the DNC server they swiped from the Democrats, and which is the key to unraveling the entire conspiracy against Trump.
  • Many of the players involved in the Trump impeachment farce are based in Ukraine, or are Ukrainian nationals, or are Russian nationals with Ukrainian ties

There is absolutely zero chance that this is a random happening.


How is that possible when Solemani was banned from international Travel by the UN in 2007? His passport was revoked along with his Visa privileges.

I keep seeing people make this claim but I can’t find an actual source confirming it.

The Iranians refuse to release the black box.

Wonder why that is.

What a surprise.

Shocking I tell you stocking.

I brought that up this afternoon when I heard it.

It seems fairly apparent the “technical failure” was a nervous dumbass with his finger on the trigger of a SAM site.

There is that speculation.

It’s hard to otherwise account for the conditions with a fire in the forward portion of the fueselage, total loss of control and communication, followed by the engines self destructing.

Generally those engines just don’t come apart barring something they cant digest getting sucked into the intake.

While still climbing from takeoff no one would be allowed into the bathrooms or up walking around either so that makes it difficult to conceive of a bomb going off at that point in flight either.

With them refusing to allow Boeing or the FAA access to the boxes on top of all that it points to a really big screwup by Iranian Air Defense.

I certainly agree.

Interesting it happened not long after their missile launch.

Engines will have problems on take off, some time landing however seldom while in cruise mode as there is little strain on the engine.

the engines on all of the different 737 series aircraft have incredible safety and performance records.

At 8,000’t even if one engine failed completely the other would have enough power to control the aircraft long enough to get it back down.

On another site I think someone posted the radar and telemtry which showed the plane pitching up sharply and losing power at the same time. That Ain’t normal.

It indicates all control being lost at the same moment power was lost which again sounds like a possible missile hit on the forward portion of the aircraft or a bomb.

There as no mayday, or any other sort of emergency transmission, just silence and the loss of the aircraft beginning at the same moment.

There could be some other plausible explanation but I don’t knwo what it could be at this point.

Of course Iran is going to keep the black box and conduct analysis themselves. Who would think that they would trust the US.