Plane Crash in Tehran

Probably not related to the hostilities but I’m just now seeing reports of a Ukrainian airliner crashing in Tehran with around 180 passengers on board.

Somehow I’m sure Iran will try to put the blame on us.

Reports are saying it was technical difficulties.

“Technical issues”. They sure arrived at that conclusion very quickly. I’m sure this will go over like a lead balloon.

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Here is footage of the technical issues in-flight and on the way down. Click to make it full screen.

Looks like an engine self destructing.

Maybe. Could have gotten shot down too.

Shot down by what? There was no trace of a missile or tracers from a gun.

Sadly, the latest word is that there are no survivors, 170 passengers and crew are dead.


This won’t be good for Boeing if the report are accurate that this was another 737 failure.

Possibly, it would have to have been hit before this person began videoing.

It sure is a downer
for Boeing “diversity”

What the hell is that supposed to even mean? The 737-800 is one of the most proven planes flying today.

This is looking more and more like a shoot down as well.

Good luck on your next flight on 737 Max.
Boeing will be proud of its “diversity” program cranking out quality planes.

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Would be interesting to know who was on board, if it was anyone notable. In 2019 or maybe even 2018 I remember briefly skimming through some article that said something about Iran supplying Yemeni rebels with some half-assed SAMs that contained Ukrainian electronics on the inside (allegedly).

Who knows.

RT got footage from the crash site.

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It appears that the vast majority of the passengers weren’t Ukrainian, thank God. Unfortunately, the crew was. Thoughts and prayers to their families.

The Max is still grounded.

There was a fair number of Canadian citizens aboard as well. Don’t know if they were dual nationals or not.

They were dual nationals returning from holidays in Iran.

That always seems odd to me. I’ll never vacation anywhere in that region the rest of my life. Those days are over. The ME was a fabulous place to vacation when I was a kid growing up, I recall many teachers going there over summer break. USFP destroyed all that.