Phoney Black Lives Foundation Accepts Millions!

Such a noble charitable NPC has now been exposed as a fraud. Two BLM charities have disavowed each other. What a mess!

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It won’t take long for the money to go " MISSING " ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Where is all this money really going ? Some people are saying the money BLM are taking is getting funneled back into the Democratic party. Not that they deserve a cent, but I doubt most going to BLM or donations for black business/education will end up in the hands of blacks, most of it will end up in the hands of DNC lawyers and handlers.

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Rest assured, anyone defrauding, impersonating, or defaming this movement will suffer the appropriate consequences.

Yup. That is why we have law enforcement agencies.

Or, are you suggesting some are above the law and should make their own?

That’s the shame of it.

The money get pocketed and by the time it dwindles down not a whole lot is left.

I’m suggesting that this movement for racial justice has momentum and won’t be stopped by technicalities.

Define “technicalities”?

Anything that would get in the way of the movement for racial justice and the defeat of white supremacy in this country.

So, what does that mean?

Technicalities haven’t stopped racist monuments from coming down and they won’t stop imposters from being held accountable for defrauding the movement.

Sounds like you mean LAWS!

What is your definition of being held accountable? What does that mean?

Laws that only serve to benefit white supremacists aren’t laws. They are the components of a legal system built upon systemic racism and no one has a duty or obligation to follow them.

I’ll leave that determination to those who have been defrauded. It’s not my place to say.

Well - I award you the gold medal in mental gymnastics for coming up with that bullshit so quickly.

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Yes, you do.

Unless you want to vote to change them. Whether they pass Constitutional muster is another matter.

That’s not mental gymnastics, it’s recognizing the broken system for what it is. Laws that discriminate and marginalize aren’t laws at all and never have been.

Brave up until you see the line in the sand, eh?

Cross it only in the shadows and in the dark of night.

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Apparently - we don’t. Our movement continues because we are in the right.