Phase 2 Impeachment inquiry

Pelosi to hold a full house vote on Thursday.

The right has been bitching that this wasn’t already done and called the impeachment inquiry illegitimate because of it.

Now it will have the rights full support and White House cooperation…:thinking:

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Cool. I hope it happens. 2020 is on lock.

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Meaning you’ll stop complaining that the inquiry is illegal???

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Do you understand how embarrassing this is going to be for the Democratic Party ?

No, it’s still BS, only that Democrats are going to have serious egg on their faces including you when it is concluded and goes no where and Trump is re-elected! If anything this just increases the likelihood he wins by a landslide!

Funny how you guys bitch and moan about the impeachment inquiry at the same time insisting that it will be to Trump’s advantage. :thinking:

Bitching and moaning because Democrats change the rules to hijack a process that is suppose to be transparent? It’s not just Trump supporters that are seeing this, and to think otherwise is extremely naive! Carry on though with your TDS, and remember when Democrats lose the majority what is good for the Goose is good for the gander! In other words Karma is the moral arbiter in all things!

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Yes as an American I feel bad for you

So which is it, good for the red hatter or bad for him?

So which is it, good for the red hatter or bad for him?

Who cares? At this point it’s the Democrats who are putting on this show! Let the chips fall where they may be, and let’s get on with it!

The reason why? For context read the linked articles to gain a more balanced perspective as to why the impeachment issue is where it is today.

Motives? If anyone wants to be intellectually honest then by all means indulge yourself for seeing the facts.

Remember Politics is downstream and the issue of the USMC agreement being held up by Pelosi is going to shoot Democrats and their donors in the foot.

Lastly, just as the Author of the OP inaccurately claims in other post about “subpoena’s” is actually incorrect and are not enforceable. They are “letters,” which to most not caught up on the semantics game of this issue, what that means is that most of what is being sent out are letters requesting for parties to appear, and are not enforceable by law. Parties willing to testify do so at their own behest.

Trump is winning at every turn. Dem’s have to step up their game! So obvious what they are trying to do!

S&P closed at a record high today; we got the head of ISIS yesterday, these lunatics are boxing themselves in!

So stupid!

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That’s funny you think the three are connected.

Anyway, anything to say about the op? Republicans, talking heads at Fox News and the red hatters here have been claiming the illegitimacy of the inquiry because of no full house vote.

That will happen Thursday. What will be everyone’s excuse now, hmmm?

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The Democrats may have something up their sleeves to bolster their reasons for impeachment. I can’t verify this, but I hear ( on occasion ), Trump does not flush.

Well depositions continue. Giuliani is in hiding with his own legal woes that likely will require the red hatter to distance himself. We can here him now, “I’ve never met Giuliani, he was a peripheral figure”…:rofl:

And now, another decorated military officer is to testify against Trump.

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Democrats said the resolution would establish rules for public hearings, provide due process rights for the White House and allow information to be transferred to the committee that would ultimately consider the articles of impeachment.

Still no vote on whether to proceed with the impeachment. Just a vote on procedures.

Phase 5 of your TDS ! SMH :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And the White House is trying to get out in front of Lt. Col. Vindman, Trump’s top Ukrainian advisor on the NSC, and Purple Heart recipient, by smearing him as disloyal and unpatriotic because there’s no shame in this White House.

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Republicans have been hammering home that last part, especially after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff barred lawmakers who weren’t on three specific committees from sitting in on closed door testimony. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who sits on the House Judiciary, argued that he deserves to be allowed in to those meetings because it was his committee who launched the impeachment inquiry in the first place. He insisted that Trump should be afforded the same due process as former Presidents Clinton and Nixon.

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Baghdadi was an austere religious scholar while our president Trump is an impeachable criminal. Leftist propaganda has become ridiculously far-fetched.