Pfizer says COVID-19 clot shot vaccine "works" in kids ages 5 to 11

Well there you go broad brushing again, and it’s not even close to the truth anyway. The vaccines that are out are Trump vaccines, a product of his operation warp speed and he repeatedly and braggingly takes credit for them, even scolded the media for what he thought was an attempt by them to credit Biden for them….

People on the left are the most vaccinated with the Trump vaccine…

And one more point to straighten you out. There was never any opposition to the vaccines on the left, they just wanted to make sure that they were going to receive FDA approval, which one did on December 10, 2020 and Biden and Harris took the vaccine just a couple weeks later well before Trump even did…

Has to be to ensure that you’d be protected from serious illness, hospitalization or death should you get it……

There is NO OTHER reason to take it….

Spin it how it makes you feel good… I don’t care. I know what was said about the “Trump” vaccine/s by people on the Left. It’s okay now that you Dems are “running” things… despite Trump being the guy that got it moving so fast.

If you say so. There are definitely other reasons in my case… you don’t need to know them. Like I said, if I die tomorrow, I’m good.

They don’t want us talking about bl00d cl0ts

Yeah, ok. Maybe you just like getting poked……:roll_eyes:

You’re making no sense. The only vaccine available is the Trump vaccine and they’ve all takin it……

Had he been sworn in office for the second term he WON on Election Night, this would be a lot less confusing.
This is what happens when copy machines and illegal aliens are permitted to send in hundreds of votes apiece.
America didn’t elect that senile Nazi.

You don’t think the Trump vaccine works…….:flushed:

A vaccine that is developed and deployed in the wrong timeframe could result in a new pandemic, and the current vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all.

Well then, perhaps you’d do good to tell that to Trump. It’s his vaccine, developed via his operation warp speed and btw, don’t you dare give Biden credit for it, Trump gets very angry when he hears that….

Trump didn’t mandate a vaccine and he didn’t develop it. He passed the requirements for a vaccine to the private sector to develop. Stick to the facts.


I keep telling him Trump didn’t make the vaccine… poor guy just doesn’t get it

That’s correct, Trump took 10 billion dollars from the hospital fund and created a government/private sector partnership which he appointed Moncef Slaoui as head of the vaccine development program…operation warp speed……

And again don’t you dare attempt to give Biden credit for trumps vaccine as he gets really angry about it….:wink:

Not even close to being accurate Why anyone would believe anything you post is beyond me.

Federal domestic vaccine efforts have been funded by appropriations in COVID-19 relief acts, especially funding to U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) agencies and accounts. The following provides an overview of appropriations for selected domestic COVID-19 vaccine related activities. (With the exception of the mandatory funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), all funding amounts discussed below are classified as discretionary.) The following is meant to inform a general understanding of available funding, but may not capture every federal account that can be used for vaccine-related activities. In general, many of the HHS appropriations are available for multiple years or until expended, and some of the funding is transferrable between accounts by the HHS Secretary. This product does not address financing for vaccine administration, global vaccination funding, or related allocations and spending.

ARPA (P.L. 117-2) further provides appropriations that can be used for activities under this heading (all
ARPA funds are mandatory appropriations):
 Section 2303 provides $6.05 billion to HHS, available until expended, for research,
development, manufacturing, production, and the purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, and
ancillary medical products and supplies—available for COVID-19 (or SARS-CoV-2), its
variants, and any disease with potential for creating a pandemic.
 Section 2304 provides $500 million to FDA, available until expended, for a broad set of
activities, including for its review of the performance, safety, and effectiveness of
vaccines; inspection of vaccine manufacturing facilities; and oversight of the vaccine
supply chain.
 Section 3101 provides $10 billion, available until September 30, 2025, for activities
under the Defense Production Act with respect to medical supplies and equipment for the
pandemic, including for vaccines and related supplies. Funds can support the purchase,
production, and distribution of such supplies. After September 30, 2022, funds can be
used to meet critical public health needs with respect to any pathogen that the President
has determined has the potential for creating a public health emergency.

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Nope, you’re wrong.
And as usual you begin with a personal attack….

Are you saying your government lies?

Try again only with facts this time

I already demonstrated this to you….

From the link I provided you that you of course did not read….so I’ll put it here for you…

Former White House budget office director Russ Vought, one of the key officials involved in the deliberations, defended the decision. He told STAT the expenditure was necessary to support the successful development and purchase of Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

Sure, if that makes you feel good.

You can’t possibly be this dumb… can you?