Pentagon won’t call Pensacola Navy base shooting “terror,” but Rep. Matt Gaetz does

Our government needs to OFFICIALLY label this as a terrorist attack. The motives were anti-American and Islamic in nature. If the Pentagon, Congress, or WH won’t label this as a terrorist attack then we, the people, need to pressure them to do so.

The Pentagon won’t say if terror is to blame in Friday’s deadly shooting at a Pensacola navy base by a Saudi Air Force lieutenant linked to anti-US Twitter screeds.

But the congressman whose district includes the Naval Air Station Pensacola said Saturday that the attack most certainly was an act of terror.

“This was not an act of workplace violence, this was not a random murder, this was an act of premeditated terrorism against our country and military on our soil,” tweeted Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“I spoke with @POTUS late yesterday about the need for a more thorough review of the Saudi training and flight program,” he added.

Earlier Saturday, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, “No, I can’t say it’s terrorism at this time. I think we need to let the investigators of the FBI do its work.”

Still, a Twitter account under the name of the shooter, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani — a second lieutenant who was getting aviation training at the base — included a last “will” that quoted Osama bin Laden, according to CNN.

Alshamrani and three fellow Saudi-nationals from the base also watched mass shooting videos during a dinner party in the days before the shooting, the Associated Press reported.

Saudi Arabia has handled with kid gloves despite its government being implicated in last year’s murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and despite it being implicated in multiple efforts to abet the 9/11 attacks.


It was 100% a terrorist attack and everyone knows it. This little jihadi piece of shit was hosting a mass killing watch party at his house prior to going on his cowardly rampage. Everyone who was at that house with him needs to be charged with terrorism and shot.


They don’t want to do this because there are so many lucrative foreign military sales contracts with Saudi Arabia. So the message here is, Saudi nationals can come to the United States and kill American service members with impunity and nothing will happen to Saudi Arabia.

Of course it was not a terrorist attack. It was just a coincidence that a radical Muslim killed humans, and it just resembled a terrorist attack. Us little guys don’t have the depth of thinking that those in the know possess. The only thing that could be more insulting, and it will not surprise me to hear it, is, being told, there are different degrees of death. Still I’m inclined to believe the victims & their families feel it was a terrorist attack; but then, they are probably not in the know. Just another, how can we insult the intelligence of Americans day.

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If it wasn’t terrorism what the hell do they think it was?

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The only logical thing to do at this point is to suspend all cooperative agreements between the US and Saudi that involves us training their military personnel. All Saudi military personnel should also be kicked out of the country immediately. If they don’t want to treat this as an act of terror then they should definitely treat it as an act of war. A member of a foreign military just killed members of our military on US soil. The response to this should be nothing short of shock and awe.


Do people not remember what happened on 9/11? Our country suffered a tremendous loss because of Saudi Arabians flying airplanes. Why in the hell is our military teaching Saudis to fly airplanes! Get these damn terrorists out of our country we already have too many of them here!

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Fort Hood also.

Time to let military carry on base.


We - America have become a lumbering ox, covered by the world’s parasites. One of our subs should just pull up & unload; and if anyone complains, we should just say, who the fuck else wants some. I guess all the powers that be will just have a sit down, and lie to each other, until they find a lie they agree on.


It’s how the Religion of Peace shows us their love, affection, and tolerance.

Sources added that ten Saudi students were being held on the base today, while several others were unaccounted for. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Has Trump finally pissed off the red hatters…

No, the Saudis have pissed us off and killed Americans again. Like a good little liberal lapdog you don’t care about Americans get killed…only if your partisan desires are fulfilled.

Sadly I think you’re right about that.

We need to make sure that Trump gets a second term because I think when he does he’s not going to allow himself to be slowed down by the deep state.

He needs to do what the people have asked him to do and get these leeches off our back, permanently.


He’s covering for Saudi Arabia and his administration is refusing to call it a terrorist attack. Did you read the op?

If this is the winning that Trump promised, I’m tired of it.

Tulsi Gabbard is right…

So about that Monte…

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What’s your point. Trump is acting KSA spokesperson apologizing for them and SOD hasn’t called it a terrorist attack, while everyone here and all Americans see that it was.

Shockingly, being best friends with the biggest terrorist state ever can lead to unexpected surprises.