Pentagon won’t call Pensacola Navy base shooting “terror,” but Rep. Matt Gaetz does

Lol while Jared Holt and the FBI give each other mutual reach arounds, Al Qaeda resumes Florida flying lessons.

And I’m supposed to be patriotic, for what? What is this place? I don’t like it very much.


But the DoD secretary can’t bring himself to call this “terrorism”. Hey, gotta wait until all the facts are in. He’ll be singing the praises of diversity next.

What a stupid, suicidal country we’ve become.


Bruh…a literal terror cell is on the loose. This should be the biggest story going on right now, but im still hearing about impeachment on the tube and not this.


There is probably a cell on every base in the country right now.

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We train military assets who hate us, what could possibly go wrong with this policy? Cancel all military training for these shitheads, immediately expell all military personel from Saudi and other terror states for example like Israel, in short get-the-fuck-out by sundown. Of course this will never happen because we are “conquered” but hey, the cheeese burgers are delicious and we have the best porn in the world.

Imagine if this happened in Saudi Arabia and Americans shot Saudi military personnel. What are the chances any would be alive???

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Yep, and that friendship transcends administrations and never changes, no matter what they do. Remember when SOS Clinton (well the whole Obama administration) looked the other way when KSA went into Bahrain and crushed an Arab spring protest killing some because they didn’t want a democracy on their border…

And, get the US out of the ME…

What’s telling is that Hannity, Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly all excoriated Obama for not immediately labeling the attack on fort hood a terrorist attack. Today, they, and their PB comrades are largely silent, impotent to ever criticize the Twitter in chief who tweeted out in 2012 that Obama should immediately label the ft hood attack an act of terrorism. But no surprise…:roll_eyes: