Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, in Violation of the Law, Classifies 80% Lowers as “Firearms”

Now Pennsyvannia is getting in on the act. If anyone had any doubts about the Marxist’s full on war on American’s 2nd rights and guns, well this should be an eye opening issue that is not out in plain sight, but a more sneakier way to try to pass laws that denies citizens their constitutional rights to own and possess a firearm!

This is just plain dumb. The ATF doesn’t recognize an 80% lower as a firearm, because it isn’t. It’s an inoperable piece of metal or plastic.

He earned a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 2002.[[5]]( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I see the problem; he’s confusing a law degree with an engineering degree. It happens; someone gets their college degree, and they think it applies to everything. If only universities offered degrees in common sense.

Didn’t stop Trump from banning bumpstocks.

Oh, look! Another tyrant in a robe. And yet he’s violating Federal laws that state that 80% AR-15 are not weapons.

Something about that name that reminds of a certain group of Fake Americans who have a whole country they can flee to if this nation goes into the shitter. :thinking: