Pennsylvania 2022 Midterm Election

"It is up to Josh Shapiro to save America"

That’s what Lawrence O’Donnell said the other night.

This past Tuesday, in an uncontested race (the first uncontested race by a non-incumbent since 1930) Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro became our Democratic candidate for governor.

Josh is a mild mannered, center left, Conservative J e w. His opponent in November’s election will be Doug Mastriano, a Christian Nationalist, QAnon believing 2020 Election denier, who promises to reclaim Pennsylvania for the Kingdom of God…and Donald Trump.

It should be an easy race for Josh to win. He’s already won statewide twice, but I hope that he doesn’t feel overconfident. I hope he fights for it. I hope he fights for Pennsylvania.

The other big general election contest will be between John Fetterman and…well, we still don’t know who. As of this morning with 99% of the vote counted, Mehmet Oz is winning over Dave McCormick by roughly 1,100 votes.

Will John Fetterman flip that Senate seat for Pennsylvania? For our country? I think he has a very good shot at doing it. I still haven’t forgiven Pennsylvanians for electing Rick Santorum over Harris Wofford in 1994.

I know that every state’s elections are important, but as a Pennsylvanian, I can’t help but feel extra excited (and scared) for our upcoming midterm election this November.

I am more confident than not that both Shapiro and Fetterman will win in November.

For one thing, I know that there are moderate Republicans (like my mother…though I keep trying to tell that she’s really a Democrat) who chose not to vote in the primary because they hate how radically crazy and Trumpy all the candidates were and who plan on voting a straight Democratic ticket in November.

So, I wonder. Will Josh Shapiro’s established past successes help Fetterman get elected? Or will Fetterman’s Democratic populism that transcends political parties and rural vs urban counties help Shapiro get elected?

Also, will more people be voting for Shapiro and Fetterman? Or against Mastriano and whoever becomes the Republicans’ candidate for Senate?

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I’m wondering what Senator race to invest time and money in, because to me it’s the critical defense move to slow our country’s plunge into fascism—almost everyone in Democrat circles predicts the House will be lost.

So I’d welcome good, supportable advice on what the most critical, winnable Senate races, especially those that could increase our Senator count, are, near Massachusetts, where I live.

I’m getting emails about donating to Ralph Warnock in Georgia. It looks like he’ll be up against Herschel Walker (that still blows my mind!) in November.

Herschel has the backing of Ted Cruz, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Josh Hawley. I know that they are all craven and despicable, but how could anyone back Herschel Walker?

Right now, across the nation, the Republican Party is working to undermine both the governmental institutions and workers who make sure that our democracy functions fairly and properly and accurately reports election outcomes and faith among adherents to what has come to look more and more like its cult that Democrats can’t win elections by any means other than cheating.

The average working American is fed up with Democrats and their virtue-signaling, America last, immigrants first bullshit. You all have proven that they only way you clowns can win elections is through fraud. It’s despicable and you anti-American fuckers should be ashamed of yourselves.

I didn’t think Pennsylvania had the best candidates this cycle, but any of these candidates will be better than whatever unqualified piece of shit the Democrats offer up.

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The same people who decry a lack of commonality that they argue is necessary for their notion of a polity also work to deny the existence of a shared public interest and public sphere, and act to divide people and stress fault lines and tear at the social fabric.

Do you happen to know if Josh Shapiro is a dual citizen? Might he happen to have a passport to the country that he is truly loyal to?

There is no such thing.

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When you need weeks to count mail in ballots there is a 80% chance republicans will never win another election…

2022 might be uncheatable democrats are that bad. But this mail in harvest bull shit needs to end.

Or you need a valid ID photo copied and stapled and maybe an official that has to verify every ballot before you can mail

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Yea, but that would make sense and be what people with common sense would do/want, so…

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Unless the bottom really drops out for Democrats, the only Dem-held seat I’m concerned about is Georgia. There is a high chance of a reversion to the mean happening there, that I’m hoping that Stacy Abram’s campaign can overcome.

PA and WI seats look best positioned to flip. Once again, unless the Dems have a really bad night, one of the three FL, NC and OH could flip too (my bet is NC, which should have been a D-pickup in 2020, but the D-candidate couldn’t keep it in his pants). Would love to see Rubio’s political career end with a Senate loss in 2022, but I’m not holding out hope for that in Florida.

Are you out of your motha fcukin mind? Are you counting on another steal to win… or you really think democrats can win… like based on what? Lol what’s the record.


Not as much as I would love to see Abram’s career end.

You were all convinced that Donald Trump was going to win re-election. That didn’t happen and quite honestly if you think Republicans are going to sweep anything you should turn off Faux News. It’s rotting your brain.

Lol trump definitely won. That’s not even a question… 2000 mules that is

But… he did win. Your party cheated and got away with it… and you know it. I don’t have to live with the lie… you do.

Shapiro is an enemy of law- abiding gun owners. He’s has gone after those that purchase lower receivers.
Fetterman is far out in Pluto with all the Leftst Progressives aka Socialists. He’ll make some Progressives look like Rand Paul or Joe Manchin.
My choice was the Sista Kathy
Barnette and Doug Mastriano .