Pelosi, Schumer Strike Tentative Deal With Trump On Infrastructure, $2 Trillion Bill…

I am not sure what to make of this, but clearly the number 1 question I have is why do Nancy and Chuck the “schumck” think that working out a infrastructure deal overrides solving immigration and the border crisis issue? No mention of that with the press present at this presser? Also if you watch the video and pay attention to Nancy and Schummer’s body language, it seems rather strange. Something is a miss with the both of them especially considering what has been happening with the recent veiled threats against AG Barr by some members of congress.

Don’t hold your breath but Pelousi and Schumer may finally be realizing that “Russiagate” is a dead mule they’ve been beating for 2 years and “Impeachment” isn’t going any further than their flapping gums.

There’s an election in just over 18 months and if they don’t start addressing real issues their party hasn’t got a prayer.

I’m not buying any of this. First of all, infrastructure was a huge thing for Trump. I think it’s odd that Chuck and Nancy would go out there and essentially steal Trump’s thunder.

Secondly, I think this was just to save face for a Chuck and Nancy groveling session to the President. They know with the Mueller investigation over with they have absolutely no leverage. Sure, they can block things to the maximum extent possible but the reality of it is they are having a war in their own party at the moment. How can they fight the GOP, President Trump, and their own DNC newcomers? Pick your battles.

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Interesting that they agreed to the infrastructure initiative, but not the funding.

They control the spending as the immigration crisis has shown us…Yet in this instance they are waiting 3 weeks for President Trump to be the leader and offer ideas for funding. That would put them in a nice position to ridicule and blame his funding ideas for pretty much any failings including the border crisis.

President Trump has become the leader that the voters knew he would be.


They keep mentioning things that are not the roads and bridges we actually need fixed. Broadband, electrical lines, etc., are all pork.


Yes that is a very good point! What I get from this is that these two clowns are up to no good! Did you notice how Nancy was somewhat overwhelmed by the ones asking loud questions? I think that is a symptom of her Xanax kicking in!

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They struck me as two greedy caffeinated people who just scored a cash cow at a tentative juncture. Rural internet access and inter-regional connectivity of the major grids are private business matters that private companies should be able to afford all on their own.

There’s a new DSL provider in the area and I recently doubled my speeds from 25 to 50mb(its)ps. I can now very comfortably stream/game online with very low latency on 5 simultaneous devices. The new cost is 11.43 more than I was paying before, and I’m paying for that, not you through your tax dollars. Seems only fair to me.

I smell a deal in the making on the wall, if not then Trumps Art oh f the Deal is bullshit. Either that or hes really worried about the economy.

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It’s a trap.

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It’s a trap.

Strike a deal, an interesting statement.

Of course they agree we need to spend/waste 2 trillion on infrastructure.

What will they waste it on? What projects?

Of course the red question, how will they pay for it?

So in the end there is no tentative deal.

As far as blaming Trump for the spending…no doubt.

I am OK with some rational appropriations…they will spin it as more world ending deficits. Thing is with infrastructure you can work at a budget and have a goal.

With health care the cost is never defined and the quality and accessibility suffer proportionally if you try. not to mention infrastructure is a requisite function of federal government. Health care should not be.


It looks like the Federal Higjway Fund had an ending balance of 28 billion last year add in 11 billion from the mass transit portion that would be a start instead of adding to the deficit.

Infrastructure is a function of STATE governments as only they know what’s required or you get unused airports, bridges to no where. The Federal Government should stick to issues designated by the constitution.

Mass transit., ROTFLMAO.

Like the useless light rail systems around the county.

Dont disagree but the money is just setting there right now. Not doing the economy any good, just waiting for a pol to use as a slush fund.

Infrastructure is a common good that will benefit everyone who uses it. I have no problem appropriating funds for that. That being said, I wouldn’t trust the Democrats as far as I could throw them if they’re offering it. They have a history of reneging at the last minute like Lucy pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown as he goes to kick it. Kind of like how they did with immigration funding in exchange for Amnesty under Reagan. We’re just supposed to forget about their history though, because Trump or something.


This is a problem with our politicians.

When money is “sitting”, it MUST be spent. Forget about paying down the debt, or reducing the deficit, or cutting the budget. Nope. Gotta spend that cabbage! Spend, spend, spend!

The “debt” is bullshit anyway. If they wanted to get it under control, Congress could actually eliminate the “deficit” with the stroke of a pen. They have no intention of fixing it though, because it is a “wedge” issue they have created in order to garner votes.

I hear you. I still want President Trump to try.

He likes to build and this can be an arena he wins in.

I can be an absurd optimist at times.