Parkland Shooting Timeline - Amazing


The same kind as the idiots who uses a term like “fully semi-automatic rifle.” :wink:


That video makes me cringe knowing that that pantywaist was in charge of troops.


That makes my bolt actions slightly semi-automatic, at least. :smile:


Considering the “bravery” of the troops it’s fitting.

Israel coud have been fired but instead they let him retire and he’s now drawing a 100k/yr pension.


Compared to my Ruger No 1’s it’s a damned assault rifle!


BTW, I recently picked up a one of a kind. Winchester Custom Shop “Sporting Sharpshooter” complete stainless, McMillan Stocked 300 RUM.

Better yet it doesn’t even have 50 rounds through it and I picked it up for less than the cost of the parts!


Now that there is funny! :rofl:

Even more funny since in WWI and some of WWII it was!


Virtually every action type we have today started as a Military weapons action or became one at some point.


Isn’t a Ruger No.1, sort of a Sharps without a feed system?


It’s a straight lever operated falling block with a completely internal firing pin system in the block.

Very different trigger/firing pin/hammer systems.


So, you see no inherited traits there???


In Russia it is the bullets that require healing.


Oh like I said they are both lever action falling blocks.

The firing systems however are completely different.



Well done Governor Ron DS.


Or the media exaggerated the seriousness of the wounds the first time around. I mean the shooting in Southern Oregon opened with the shooter wearing full body armor and weilding two semi auto rifles. Then later, there was no body armor and pistols were used.