Parkland Shooting Timeline - Amazing


Meet the miracle kid who was shot through the chest/torso, through lung and arm, and recovered in a few days. Enough to give a press conference with no visible struggle at all, and a photoshoot in the hospital with the president where she had no need for much medical equipment.


Good lord man, look at the date on your cited article.

The interview was given 3 weeks following the shooting.


Oh - is 3 weeks the normal recovery time for gun shot wounds to the chest, torso, and arm?


You can go from grave or critical to stable literally within minutes.

You don’t have to be “fully recovered” to give an interview.

She was able to speak to paramedics en route to the hospital so obviously she wasn’t hit in the heart or major vessels.

Even with a punctured lung as soon as you seal the puncture and remove the excess air from the chest cavity the critical emergency is over.


So, you are going with some conspiracy theory that she really wasn’t shot because she “recovered” too quickly to give an interview?

Good Lord, man.

You gonna tell me where they are keeping the passengers of Flight 77 next?


This is why I keep buying stock in Reynold’s Aluminum.


So you’re saying that off duty cops from 30 miles away were sitting around listening to a police scanner, heard about a shooting, so managed to retrieve all of their armor and weapons from their locker at their station, suit up and drive 30 miles to the scene in order to arrive their quickly enough to be on site in the ten minutes the shooter was actively shooting people?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you think cops shot up that school?


Notice how detractors can’t refute any of the points made.


The article in the OP does it very nicely. Your conspiracy theories were destroyed before you even posted them.


I actually didn’t post any, I was merely pointing out that you and others blindly accept what the mainstream media feeds you.


Except when they don’t like the taste of what’s being fed to them. Then it’s fake news and the MSM is at war with conservatives.


So all the people that have talked about it are in on it?


The Sun-Sentinel is local to Florida.


Great post @Ocasio2018 - here is an addendum.


They didn’t have to retrieve it, it was in their patrol vehicle.


Cruz owned, bragged about, and posed for pictures in his body armor prior to the shooting.

He was carrying it with him in his bag and backpack as he entered the campus.


Black helicopter exist, you just can’t see them because they are invisible, and they scan your brain unless you’re wearing your helmet.


Apparently their mind control beam works even if the subject is wearing full body tinfoil armor.


By the way, what kind of ignorant idiot uses a term like “full metal garb”?