#Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!

Has anyone seen this, what are your thoughts?

I am not British but as I understand it, Tommy Robinson is nothing more than a violent thug, convicted criminal, and an overt racist who seems to be preoccupied with manufacturing drama for the purposes of soliciting donations to line his own pockets.

Won’t be watching any of the “work” he puts out any time soon.

He could be guilty of being Lucifer himself. But -as I understand it -he was arrested for recording and broadcasting something that was intended to bring to the public’s attention Muslim pedophilia. I

You need not have even posted. From your other posts, I could have predicted that you would rather protect Muslim pedophilia.

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While Robinson is a Zionist and an until now single-issue campaigner (Brexit betrayal may change that) and as such I’ll always treat him with a little suspicion, this sting was masterful. Folks like @CriticalThinker (who thinks so critically he doesn’t investigate things for himself and relys on hearsay) will always buy the easy narrative, I suppose.

That’s an unfair characterization of me. I would in no way shape or form protect pedophilia - it’s illegal and disgusting.

With regard to me deciding to comment on this thread, the OP didn’t really provide much to work with.

I guess if I had a little bit of an understanding as to why I should be watching something it would have piqued my interest. I’m not going to watch something just BECAUSE Tommy Robinson made it and thus I listed my reason why.

OP should have done a better job at starting the thread.

I made no claim to be an expert on Tommy Robinson. Was I incorrect In my characterization of him? That’s what I’ve read about him, but probably from sources that you wouldn’t like i.e., NYT, WaPo, etc.

If somebody could provide me with the summary of why this video is important maybe I’ll take a look. I might even change my mind.

I’m a woman by the way.

Its only illegal until you libs change the laws… which you will try to do soon enough. You changed laws for homosexers and for transbeasts. And anyone who disagreed was called bigoted and hateful. You will do the same for pedophiles. And then… it will no longer be illegal.

When a lib says that, we don’t know what that means.

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That was a totally needless statement. I am a woman but probably not your type. I vote, have an education, all of my teeth, and won’t be caught barefoot in the kitchen.

So it’s my fault? You serious lol?

What’s your fault that you created a low quality thread? Yes. That would be your fault as the OP.

Does this mean you own alot of shoes?

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Haha, you’re mental.

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It’s a euphemism for being pregnant, out of work, and in the kitchen cooking.

Yes, I do own many pairs of shoes. I have a house and two cars as well! I work for non-profits when I feel like it thanks to being a part of the tech boom of the 90s. I have a husband and a couple of kids too! Crazy liberals right?!?

Another high-quality post from the conservative brain trust. With a little more effort you could actually just go and provide a summary of the video!

I think “figure of speech” is a better characterization of the phrase. It’s hardly a euphemism. So you claim to be educated. What was your college degree major?

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Says ‘Critical Thinker’, who isn’t much of a thinker, and true to lib form wants to blame someone else.

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…and it suggest that those who do not believe as it does are uneducated and toothless. :joy:

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Depending upon your perspective I think it could be a euphemism, although figure of speech might be more accurate. I can agree with you there.

I have shared plenty of my personal information in this thread already. Thanks for asking though.

No I said that is likely how you prefer your women. After you made an uneducated and sexist comment to me.