Official Super Tuesday 2020 Thread

It looks like the fix is in. I guess the Democrats have decided they’ve fixed Biden’s Ukraine problem?

Or is it just an admission that the best they have to offer is an openly corrupt, obviously senile, soon-to-be-octogenarian retread?



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Odds are looking up for Joe. Honestly, I never thought he had a chance. I expected a total collapse once people saw that he has dementia.

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Looks like it will be one of these two: Bernie goes down in flames to Trump, or Biden goes down in a very boring, routine loss to Trump. Bernie would be much more entertaining. Biden would ensure a very dour three months of incessant anti-Trump propaganda, that’s the only thing they’ll be able to do to try to sell him.

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Take a close look at the morons voting . Who in their right mind would trust that dimwit to run a Country ?
He is going to “APPOINT” the FIRST black women to the senate ? He barely know what State he is campaigning in , He claimed to negotiate the 2016 peace accord with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping who has been DEAD 18 plus years . Claim childcare credit would put 720,000,000 women back into the workforce WTF ??? It appears his voters don’t listen to his bullshit and have no idea of what is happening around them . forget slooowww joe he a dead man walking ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Not really, Biden was always expected to do well in SC and on Super Tuesday. He and Bernie will split the wins today but I think Bernie is still going to have the edge when the votes are all counted.

The more the field narrows the more obvious Joes mental decline is going to be obvious to all because he’ll be getting the bulk of the media coverage.

I bet we get some fresh hair sniffing soon. It might actually help Joe attract votes.


I hope so. No one will crash and burn this bitch faster than Bernie Sanders now that Yang is out.

I recently read that Bloomberg tried to recruit Yang to join him and his campaign but said no. All too funny!

Donna Brazille doth protest much!

In November 2017 DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile penned an article in Politico laying out brutal sunlight upon the Clinton control over the DNC and how the party apparatus was used by the Clinton campaign in the 2016 election. Essentially, every complaint held by Bernie Sanders and his supporters was confirmed. –SEE HERE-

The bottom line in the expose’ was that everything previously claimed by Team Bernie, and denied by the DNC, was actually happening. The 2016 Democrat primary election was a complete con, a fraud; and so too is the 2020 process.

Bernie wont concede in a contested convention if he gets more delegates and the popular vote, this isn’t 2016.

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight fight fight the Biden and Bernie shoooow!

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This should tell you all you need to know why Biden is still hanging around!

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Only if he is wearing shorts so he can show off his hairy legs :joy:


Imagine Biden going full Creepy Joe on Melania, Biden getting uncomfortably close to Trump and telling him “stop your malarkey” before defending segregation and pretending to have fought alongside Nelson Mandela. TOP KEK

I think the establishment wants to piss off the Berniebros and then have Biden lose, just like what happened in ‘16. They’re hoping to radicalize Sander’s base into full-blown violent revolutionaries.

Trump and his people are going to pick at and peel off that moist scab that is Ukraine and Joe’s son to the degree Joe will not have a chance in hell of winning. Then there is Joe’s son and the baby that he denied and did not want to pay child support…which turns off that woman vote.

Biden’s entire political career was on the ropes four days ago.

Now, there is a strong possibility that by tomorrow he will be the presumptive nominee.

Our unsustainable political process is interesting, if nothing else.

That horse might have already left the barn for many. :wink:


You forgot the crack and cocaine part! Lol!