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Dead from what?


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When the police arrived, the corpse had been removed from the shed, but they discovered 17 bodies piled inside the nursing home in a small morgue intended to hold no more than four people.

“They were just overwhelmed by the amount of people who were expiring,” said Eric C. Danielson, the police chief in Andover, a small township in Sussex County, the state’s northernmost county.

The 17 were among 68 recent deaths linked to the long-term care facility, Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center I and II, including two nurses, officials said. Of those who died, 26 people had tested positive for the virus.

For the others, the cause of death is unknown.

Many healthy people (including us) will also test positive for one coronavirus or another.

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I think it was an effort by the NSA to buy time while the stealth technology people catch-up with China’s electronic warfare capabilities …

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Shut up and go away.

Or you could read this:




I overlooked k and thought 34.
Well, it’s a serious issue.
And the flu didn’t even have a scary name.

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Here we go again.
Needing to put up with meaningless and mindless meme.

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Yeah, but at least I didn’t put up pics like this and try to make the claim that it was Osama Bin Ladin right? One of your many classic examples when not taking your bi-polar medication


That’s a good piece of info. Thanks.
I’ll keep looking for more material on so-called Spanish flu.

One hundred years ago, the world, including the medical establishment, didn’t know much about viruses and the treatments given didn’t help the patients and killed many of them needlessly.

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I have no idea who started the claim, but it was made by many.

Maybe you know who, because you’re the guy who claim to be fluent in Chinese without being able to read or write it.

Yeah sure? One only has to go back read your previous posts to know that you were insistent on it being true until you were proven wrong.

Still peddling out months old garbage of lies? Sounds like your compensating because you were embarrassed by exposing your own stupidity! This coming from the guy who claims to be fluent in 10 languages including Hebrew. LMAO!

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Nor did the media tell people about the 80K that died from the flu the year before. or the over 20K that hav died this flu season. Not a peep.

Not to worry the minions are marching in lock step and calling in violations of the stay at home policy, nazi Germany would be proud to the left today.

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As they say:
“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

Thomas Sowell


I had it, and I can assure everyone it’s nowhere near as fatal as they’re being brainwashed into believing, and I’m living proof of that. lol Only the secondary consequences are deadly, and even then, only if someone is immunocompromised or has an adverse pre-existing health issue(s).

Re post #3164

I’ve been a member of messageboards for quite a few years and have never seen anything as crass as that.

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