Official Coronavirus Political Thread 🌐

Here is another interesting development.

US to Place Hold on Funding to World Health Organization

LOL, I just posted that in the Economy thread.

Good for Trump. WHO is useless and so is the UN.

Russia will side with China and take Europe. Europe will fold like a cheap suit after they’ve spent so much treasure on immigrants.

China will hit America for all its worth.

Just one possible scenario, IMO.

I like revelations version better. The Bear and the Eagle join to defeat the Dragon.

The US has more in common culturally with Russia than we do with China. It always baffled me why we didn’t pay more attention to strengthening our trade with them.

It could be worse, we could be stuck indoors until freakin’ July!!! But luckily, it is only extended until end of April. Governor Whitmer wanted it to be extended to July. I seriously think she has been hanging around “Sleepy Joe” Biden smoking a few bong!

One thing about Americans is we’ll only take so much and then we’ll get on with our lives. :wink:

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I think (hope) a lot of things will change for the better.

I hope no one thinks China is an ally or friend and knows who to side with. The world together can crush the CCP but its going to take some resolve. I’m not sure many countries have that resolve.

I think I read somewhere, either today or yesterday, that the UK plans to shutdown until November! It’s a good thing there are no elections there.

It’s the “chicken or the egg” mentality, for what I see.

If we downsize and open up everything, who really knows what the outcome will be if the virus hasn’t even subsided at all - especially opening everything up (too) early.

Then it is, what if we do close everything - including the entire country for at least the early part of Autumn, we could be seeing an economic collapse (in the likes we have never seen before). It would certainly rival the The Great Depression, and put the USA in a recession that could last half decade - if not longer.

Not to mention the Death toll would be staggering - regardless if some states have it somewhat contained. JMO

That all depends! Animals at a watering hole ignore their predators in order to get a drink. Analogy of Chinese money that multinationals can’t resist to take. China plays a zero sum game, so in their view, if they can’t get what they want, then no one will get anything.

Death by a thousand cuts.

I get that we cannot overwhelm hospitals and that we need PPE, etc. Many are sacrificing to buy time for that because we love our parents, grandparents and those who are vulnerable.

I commend everyone who has isolated for those reasons. It is a selfless act.

However, at some point we will go back to work because we are who we are.

As I said, there needs to be resolve. I’m not confident many have it but I am confident enough do to make a difference.

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I really doubt that is going to happen. I believe people will be returning to work soon which will be in small increments. There is work to be done to eliminate the threats within. Starting with this.

Yes, it’s a matter of “When?”

Depending on who you hear/read and from what “accurate” sources, no one really knows for sure - when we all will be able to get back to work. Also, for many, there will be places that will have either “Gone Out of Business” due to the economic hit. Or these places will continue to layoff people. Which to stagger the Unemployment (again).

We all can point fingers at either the Democrats or Republicans. But one thing is for sure, this virus could care less what party you belong to. I believe that both parties had someone that has already gotten the virus.

It also could care less what skin you have. Or either you are a Woman/Man or both.

Just like any viruses out there - it will attack at will - regardless what the politics or economic woes any country may face.

More on this.

Other news

Just News Corona Related.

I pity anyone who’s dumb enough to take on China.

Give China a taste of its own medicine? I like it.

Under its Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing reportedly has loaned billions to developing nations in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, and then taken over their strategic ports and facilities once the debts fall due. The U.S. could turn this strategy on its head by supporting the expropriation of these assets by legal process and the cancellation of these debts as compensation for coronavirus losses.

Seizing Chinese property would allow the United States to finally use international law to its advantage. Let China try to go to court and claim that the U.S., its allies, and the developing world have violated international rules. Let Beijing try to show that these nations have no right to compensation for its coverup of the coronavirus outbreak. Let the Chinese Communist Party try to claim, outside its own borders, just as it does within them, that it can deny common sense and blame the very victims of its wrongdoing for the worst public-health catastrophe in a century.

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Do you remember where you were on 9-11? After realising I lost two good friends in that tragedy, I was in Idaho at the time. I was driving to Salt Lake City and on a passing car adorned with waving American Flags was a sign that read: “Never Forget”. Today I was reminded of that with a different message: “This should never happen again”.

China knows the jig is up, and that this catastrophe is going to put a major dent in their gravy train that they have enjoyed at the expense of the world. Today I was reading that they were trying to walk back their statements they made about blaming the US military. That is signifying they know they made a major mistake and are trying to make up for it by saving face. It’s too late! That ship has sailed and the world will no longer be looking at China in the same way ever again. Imagine what Italy is thinking right now? I’d imagine they are regretting their one belt road sign up by getting in bed with the Chinese.

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I’d love to see a list of all China has done over the past two decades that has harmed or potentially harmed other countries from:

Pet food
Lead painted toys
Food processed in conditions that would never meet safety standards

Paint the picture over time so people realize it isn’t just this virus, it is a pattern and it should be an eye opener.

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