Official Coronavirus Economic Thread 💱

Yeah, and for the past 40 years they have trained people that “partisanship” is something only Republicans can do.

All it would take is “the shooting of an unarmed black man” anywhere in the country, for shit to break loose all over the country. [Never mind that said “unarmed black man” was trying to run down a cop with a car or engaging in a home invasion].

Or some sort of scarcity. The only scarcity we’ve experienced so far is TP, which is really not scarce, only hoarded.

Things will be back much sooner than predicted.

Cities are experiencing tax starvation. Sales tax collections are way way down.

Yes they will reopen things based on taxes.

But what you’re looking at is 70% of the economy disappearing.

No…that is not what it says…

Putting this in the Economic Thread because it has to do with money.

Trump is going to take a look at and put hold on funding to WHO.

Clearly, they messed up and are in China’s pocket.

Good for Trump!

Will the issue of the UN admitting China to the Human rights council be impetus to cut funding to them too? That to me was a pretty egregious move considering China’s recent human rights violations.

IDK… watch and wait. :crazy_face:

Is it exactly dollar for dollar? No. Is it in the same ballpark? Yes.

Not from that data…

But if you work the math it’s about 37%

The Chinese are really this greedy?

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I did not watch the video.

However, given my microcosm?

Once the gates open? I’m doing all I can to prepare for the pent up demand. :flushed:

I pray for you that you will succeed and become even stronger than before.

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Oil demand is set to plunge by as much as 27 million barrels per day (mb/d) in April, a decline larger than anything that has occurred in the history of oil.

The decline in demand could cause inventories to fill up, enforcing substantial curtailments by refineries and shut ins at oil wells, according to a new report from Rystad Energy. The hit to demand will “last longer” than previously expected, as more countries impose lockdown orders while “the spread of the virus will resist restrictions more than we first expected,” the firm said. Rystad sees a demand hit of around 20 mb/d in May and more than 15 mb/d in June. Demand growth remains negative for the duration of 2020.

New data from India shows that oil demand has plunged by 70 percent as the country has gone into lockdown.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., gasoline demand fell to 5 mb/d in the U.S. for the week ending on April 3, down from 9.6 mb/d three weeks earlier.

The collapse of demand and prices has quickly translated into supply cuts. Refining runs fell to 13.63 mb/d on April 3, down 2.2 mb/d in two weeks. Crude oil inventories jumped. Despite the sharp cuts at refineries, gasoline stocks also spiked by more than 10 million barrels. Staggering figures all around. > Blockquote

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What is the current price of gas per gallon in your state?

Just under $ I live up between Traverse City and Grand Rapids.

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52% of Americans under 45 have lost their job, had hours reduced, or been furloughed.

35% of Americans under 35 now say they don’t have health insurance.


All planned by the wealthbuilders in gov.

Why did we not seal off our country fast.

Why did we not have massive testing when others did.
Seems we were told there were no tests . Had to be studied so they could make one.

Why were we told not to wear a mask …