NYC COVID-19 Nurse Blows Whistle About Coronavirus Hospital Patient Treatment

This video is currently getting scrubbed from the internet.

For those too lazy to watch she is basically saying that they are refusing to treat patients with effective treatment measures in NYC. She also is saying that the ventilators that are being used are being set to a high pressure treatment and causing lung trauma and exacerbating the symptoms of COVID-19. She also talks about unconventional sedative measures and how the family of the patient are not allowed on premises, there are no advocates for patients and doctors are intentionally allowing patients to die.

Hydroxycholoroquine and zinc treatments are not being utilized. Basically NYC hospitals are murdering people via indifference and a malingering attitude towards resource management and testing.

If you are too lazy to watch this then stop being lazy. I am also not going to bury this in one of the other coronavirus threads because this topic is way too important to bury amidst a bunch of junk.


She can blow my whistle whenever she wants.

American Murder Association


Next week we are going to find out that she was involved in some kind of terrible accident that was completely her fault…with no witnesses on a closed road at 2AM.


If this is true this is big news. Of course, she could just be an attention whore and faking this whole thing but I doubt it. Something about her seemed genuine.

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I remember hearing something very thought-provoking about silencing whistleblowers; I hope I can remember it accurately (I’m pushed for time right now and don’t have time to Google it). ‘It’s very easy to make someone believe something if their salary depends on not believing it’? In other words (obviously) if you have a family and mortgage, nobody in their right mind would do something which will risk losing it all, and be blacklisted from working ever again in any profession.

I wonder how many stabbings there have been nationwide while the plod dash around telling miscreants to 'Go 'ome, Go ‘ome, You’re KILLING people.’ Jesus what a cunt that man was?


She’s literally risking her life with that video, so I doubt very much that she’s an attention-seeker. I’ll bet the Washington scum can’t wait to get their hands on Julian Assange.

I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently, both of whom had been up to my local hospital - they said it was almost empty. What about all the people who need treatment and operations for other things? A lot is being put off - that WILL cause other deaths, but that’s fine, so long as it’s not C19!!! And they WON’T be counted and plastered all over the media - cos that’s not frightening, it just shows the true callousness of those in charge! Fuck Johnson and everybody else is this gigantic hoax for personal gain - they’ve fucked up tens of thousands of lives and don’t GAF about them. Johnson has seen to it that the Conservatives will be out of office for the next 3 terms at least.

This was a good video and she will likely catch hell for making it. Hospitals and the entire medical establishment in the US enjoys hiding behind HIPPA laws that give them nearly total secrecy to do whatever it is that they want without public investigation or scrutiny - after this COVID-19 shitshow the public needs to start holding the healthcare industry accountable and demand more transparency.

This doesn’t surprise me at all coming from NYC. They are so indoctrinated by leftist dogma that they would rather let people die than actually try something that the Trump administration recommended. I hope after we get through this thing these hospitals, doctors, and the State of New York are sued into oblivion.


This is scary stuff. I also want to hear from front line workers about immunity. If the early information coming out ends up to be true about contracting Covid-19 not conferring immunity once someone recovers, how the hell do we go back or move forward to any kind of normal or new paradigm that is healthy, safe, and decent? No more concerts , parties, gatherings, conventions, events, bars, restaurants, hookups, or even safe grocery shopping or going to the hardware store etc.? Am I completely wrong to think that those are off the table with or without the ability to become immune after contraction? And what are our options to mitigate its spread until we achieve a vaccine that still allows an ability to live a decent life? We all know we can’t keep doing what we are doing now indefinitely. Even if we could go back to normal tomorrow the effects on people’s livelihood is already profound.

That is really not what the WHO is saying. In some respects, they’re focused on so-called “immunity passports” for the recovered. As they state explicitly:

There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.

That doesn’t mean that is what happens, it means there is no clear evidence that is the case. This is expected to be the case early on with anything new. Caution is always warranted, don’t make assumptions.

WHO continues to review the evidence on antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection.2-17 Most of these studies show that people who have recovered from infection have antibodies to the virus. However, some of these people have very low levels of neutralizing antibodies in their blood,4 suggesting that cellular immunity may also be critical for recovery. As of 24 April 2020, no study has evaluated whether the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 confers immunity to subsequent infection by this virus in humans.

It’s complicated, there is nuance.

Laboratory tests that detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in people, including rapid immunodiagnostic tests, need further validation to determine their accuracy and reliability. Inaccurate immunodiagnostic tests may falsely categorize people in two ways. The first is that they may falsely label people who have been infected as negative, and the second is that people who have not been infected are falsely labelled as positive.

This is obviously significant. Current tests are of variable quality. If you think you were impacted becuase an antibody test registers you as positive, but you haven’t been, you are at risk if you lower your defenses with the misguided assumption that you have immunity.

It’s early. Assume nothing.

It’s not that early. We actually have a lot of data. I wish places like Worldometers would update their demographics data. It was last updated in February.


Welcome and you are damn right.

There is enough data out there right now and we need to stop allowing political opportunists dictate how we are going to move forward based upon their emotions and political desires.

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I just ignore them. I moved from my home of 46 years, Seattle, to a 32 acre “hobby” farm in south central KY back in 2011 in part because of the way I saw our cities going. That said, I didn’t think anything like this would actually happen. It’s like buying a gun for self defense but, in your heart of hearts, believe you will never really need it - and then one day you shoot dead a mugger trying to steal your wife’s purse.

i.e. I’m REALLY glrad I made that move. We restocked our chickens when this thing started going down, just in case. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been talking to a lot of my co-workers and we are all ready to bolt from Raleigh and get further out into the country. This thing is here with us for a while but there are smart ways to deal with it. Abandoning cities is the first step.

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I’ve been in IT since the early 80’s. I’ve said for over a decade that once technology allows telecommuting to hit critical mass, expect to see a lot of people leave the cities. There was actually a book written in 1980 that predicted this (Your Next 50 Years, by doctor Robert Prehoda). The guy predicted that in about 20 years people would not call your home. They would call YOU because you have a phone in your pocket. And here we are.

He expected the creation of cities called “micropolises”, where they would have the perks of cities, but with only 30k or so citizens spread around a small urban center.

But who knew a VIRUS would be the catalyst. I’ve been working from home for over a month now - for a company that normally shuns it - and everyone is doing great.

The world will be a different place when this is over - and I would suggest looking for rural property. My annual property taxes are less than a month’s payment on a toyota corolla. You can sit on a piece of property, if you must, for quite a while at that cost.


At this point there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. I am in biomedical IT here in the research triangle of NC. There is zero reason for me or any of my colleagues to physically report to the office. Our products are dependent upon the work that we do so it’s not like management doesn’t have ways to track and manage our performance. We are also motivated to do a good job because if we don’t make and move product, we are all out of a job. Now that it’s been proven that we can work from home, while also increasing our productivity thanks to countless useless meetings falling by the wayside, our management is going to have a hard time just expecting us to all come back in with a smile on our faces. If they don’t want to accept this new reality then they should be prepared to lose a large percentage of their workforce nearly immediately. We are all employable and they aren’t the only show in town.


We are neighbors then @inb4 send me a DM and let’s meet up for beers after this blows over.

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I’m a business analyst now, and I completely concur. I will say this, though: In a world where everyone is working from home, WebEx, et-al suck. Especially the audio. It can be a real challenge and meetings become very stressful. That said, if we only had to come in for meetings, it would still mean a LOT of working from home. And the company would save a lot of money on office space rent.