Now We Have “Ukrainegate!”

With all the nonsense of impeachment hearings, whistleblower, much like Comey’s firing, serves impetus for Democrats to run out the clock on Trump. Americans are wising up to the smoke and mirrors of the corrupt traitors!

Sharyl Attkisson pretty much Lay’s it out perfectly and eventually this will serve notice that the left will be hard pressed to recover from, once the facts are made public!


Atkisson is a rare example of an actual journalist rather than a political activist masquerading as same.

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Funny, looking back at where it started on the reasons why Attkisson left CBS and given what we know now about the deep state, she stands as the only light in a culture of darkness that is vindicated on the narratives of reason, truth, with integrity.

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I’ve always liked her work because she has always been one to play it straight down the middle.

You’re right, there’s a delicious irony here with how she was treated by the previous administration and CBS.

The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella and his name has been circulating for weeks. He is a Yale-educated devout leftist and an unwavering Obama administration acolyte. He coordinated with DNC leadership in the House to put up this smokescreen because he knew the Trump administration was getting close to figuring out what really went down with Ukraine, just as Attkisson suggests.


Trump’s biggest mistake was not kicking out all Obama appointees and their staff on Day 1. I bet if he had done that, and put all of his own people in place immediately, he wouldn’t be having a lot of these issues.

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Yeah, I actually was the one who posted that info here! Well aware of who this soy boy is!

Apparently remembering all the unprecedented leaking going on when Trump first took office, this was the guy that was behind it all!

Who’s accusations have been corroborated by half a dozen witness testimonies in deposition.

Well he has a huge revolving door because nobody wants to work for him. He would have been in even greater trouble had he fired everybody.

That’s not true at all. Plenty of people want to go to Washington DC to work for the President…they don’t want to have their lives destroyed by angry and bitter Democrats for doing so.

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We are still waiting for your proof, because you make it sound like you were there personally to witness these so called corroborated testimonies! Which essentially makes your argument outlandish and lacking any substance whatsoever! How is that for not resorting to name calling! When you have verifiable facts then let’s see, huh?

Biggest revolving door in presidential history. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You mean by deep state traitors with an agenda?

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Conspiracy theories…:roll_eyes:

That’s total crap. Every administration coming in has booted the previous administration’s people. Political appointees are just that - they have no expectation or right to keep their jobs.

Obama kept many of Bush’s people including his SOD.

That’s because Obama was an empty suit globalist shill like his predecessor who never had any experience or success in the private sector! Essentially he was too inept to hire his own people or have the wherewithal of proper governance! Obozo is now regarded as the worse US President in history! Funny you would use him as an example to prop up your already weak arguments!


LOL - that was the only appointment he kept and it was to fulfill a campaign promise of having a Republican in his cabinet.

Even then, Obama only promised to keep him on for 1 year to fulfill his campaign promise.

Of course, Gates stayed on longer than one year as he was like not an incompetent retard, like Panetta.


Then there was this name which I am not sure if you caught the details of this one but this should sound off a few alarms!