Now the press is using covid to stoke race and class hatred

Yes, the LA Times has been a leftist propaganda rag for two decades, but it’s really getting thick now-

Oh of course. No crisis is going to waste for them

Why is this anything new now? They have been doing this since the start of the pandemic. As soon as WHO declared “officially” this was a pandemic; the press went on and had a field day on trying to state the obvious - that Race and Class had everything to do with it. Huh? :rofl:


It is this kind of narrative that instills the victim-mentality in people, worse a whole race, gender and generation. Statement like:

"It is because you are black/female/gay/old that these things negatively affect you. You should demand systemic entitlement and corrections of these WRONG-DOINGS by the rich/white/male/asian/working-tax-payers. "

I can’t think of a more racist statement that this. Just because you possess some human attribute that you are automatically the victim, without regard to your individual drive, work ethic, talents, visions etc… The people that buy into this narrative remain the perpetual victims, because it is a self-fulfilling prophecy; while the people that “made it” are regarded as acceptable racist terms like “uncle Tom”.

Get woke, stay broke.

The video below exemplifies the points I made. Here is Tim the Minimum Waged “Community Activist”, fighting the “good fight” for the little people because of his overburdened White Guilt. It is chic now to oppress yourself and blame Drumpft.

Sneak criminals pretend to be victims.
Nothing new.

God forbid anyone point out that this virus is impacting communities of color in the United States at a far greater rate than white communities - who have more resources to protect themselves and stock up on food and essentials.

Actually, it is impacting them at a greater rate due to underlying conditions.

Who’s fault is it if a person has diabetes or is overweight and dies from Covid-19 because of it?

Are all white people thin, well nourished and without pre-existing conditions? :face_with_monocle:

The virus doesn’t know political class, wealth or skin color.

It infects all. If you can beat it, you can. If you can’t you won’t.

But the virus is disproportionately affecting communities of color. As much as you don’t want that to be a fact, it is.

Try telling that to Homo Cumo, or Newsom…especially, when they haven’t gotten the virus themselves; but they rather keep us all lockdown anyways. Because, they know better than our mothers. :roll_eyes:

Unless you live in either New York or California then Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo aren’t keeping you from doing anything. Try again.

No, but Governor Whitmer is doing the same as Cumo Homo and Newsom. So, it’s basically all of the same.

Well, seeing as the people elected her she is simply exercising the powers commensurate with her office. Elections have consequences, as they say. I for one am glad that people like you are locked down. It keeps the rest of us safe.

She is exercising her “excessive power” to keep the state from opening the economy. A typical Democrat hack.

No. She is just doing something that you don’t like. She is well within her powers as Governor of the state of Michigan.

No, she isn’t…you know better than to answer in that fashion. You can do better, I am sure. Try again!

A virus doesn’t give a care about “communities of color”. If they are a opportune host then that is where the virus will thrive.

However, if it kills its host, it will mutate so that it can survive.

It kills elderly in a far more disportionate rate than people of color.

To suggest a virus is racist is … well…beyond the pale.

Doesn’t change the fact that communities of color are impacted much worse than white communities. Explain it away all you want. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change the facts.

I live in Florida thank God.

We are pretty free here.

So…please point out where anyone suggested that.