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The recent interview with Sydney Powell

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Nails it on the head about what is to come. It explains quite a few things in our current discourse as a country and with the Durham report completed there are going to be huge bombshells that is going to rock the foundations of our country. What will remain to be seen, is if the rule of law will be restored considering the massive scale of corruption that has been taking place within our systems of Governance, Wall Street and the elite. After watching the AG Bill Barr testimony again there are quite a few answers in response to some of the committee members questions for Barr and the answers he gave were quite revealing that most have missed! One such example is the Swalwell segment and if you haven’t seen I recommend that you do in order to know what is that I am referring to. What we are witnessing is the rubes of Karma coming back to reveal just how bad it is. Something wicked comes our way, and the deep state are mobilising to throw the kitchen sink of chaos into the fray to fracture a nation in hopes to escape justice during an election year. Everything you are seeing is the predicate on why the left and the establishment RINOS need to stop Trump and the events created for the media to gossip up for distractions. The issue of selling favours of elected office was first reported by “Declassified” several months ago and can be found in the “Spygate” thread. When one connects the insider trading and the unlawful access of the NSA data base, Michael Flynn, and Admiral Rogers who shined a light on all the breaches it then makes sense the motives on why Trump has endured what he has and why Hillary Clinton’s lost election was such a big deal. She most certainly would have continued the enabling of the criminal graft of all that was mentioned. It now makes perfect sense!

Most people who are not in the securities industry would NOT understand how this works. But Trump certainly does and Mnuchin definitely does. Bannon for sure understands this.

If you are a big trader – like Soros, Gates, Goldman Sachs, or a major bank – having inside information is a freebie – no risk – goldmine.

If you are a greedy political family like Pelosi, Clinton, Bushes, Feinstein, Burr, McCain, Obama; Biden Family – inside information is a freebie no risk goldmine for the entire family.

I guess if you are John Brennan or a foreign intelligence service, and you want to finance a nefarious off the books black op operation FOR FREE, outside of your normal budget, you can use inside information and stock trades to finance your operations.

What kind of inside information can be freely gleened from the NSA database? Correspondence between PUBLIC COMPANY CEO’s who are looking to do a merger, acquisition or spinoff of another public company; confidential audits of a company that may be in discussions to be acquired by a public company; confidential emails, phonecalls, texts between CEO’s, their accountants, their lawyers, their bankers, their competitors; their R & D department; their patent department.

Once the secret NSA information is obtained, stock trades are placed (by the ELITES and their families/cohorts) to capitalize and monetize the information. On any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

It would be great to have a securities lawyer or an outstanding journalist – who is familiar with insider securities trading – write an ariticle on this topic. So far, I have not seen anything. Everyone is too focused on the big distractions: russia, impeachment, racism, covid, election.

But my instincts tell me this is a BIG DEAL COVER UP. per Hillary, “If revealed, they will all hang.” They’s why the elites want Trump out so badly. This is about money & theft on a GRAND GLOBAL SCALE.

Hillary has been known to be involved with insider trading back in the 1980’s with her cattle futures transactions. Since there was no accountability for that, what would have stopped her in 2012-2016?

McCain was involved in that Savings and Loan debacle back in the day. Charles Keating case. No accountability for him either.

Most people don’t really understand the machinations of trading on insider information, and how easily it can enrich your friends and family. Certain information that can be monetized – can buy favors and buy off corrupt politicians. I doubt that Judge Rosemary Collyer or Judge Boasberg understand the gravity of this.

Hope the DOJ is looking into this as it relates to the Rosemary Collyer report and the 85% illegal searches.

Hope the government will release the names of the contractors doing the illegal searches!!

What were they searching for and who was benefiting?

The public needs to know!”


Getting closer to bringing it all out. This “en bank” hearing is coming up for final clearing of Gen Flynn.

Sally Yates too, and all of them need to face legal charges. Who else will blow the whistle?

Congress is very incompetent on both sides. Republican’s sit on thumb some keeping themselves safe from exposure.

That is by design! Questions that keep persisting is:

How is it that political members of both branches become so rich when leaving office?

Feinstein had a Chinese Spy as her driver for 20 years, who was selling insider secrets for favours for her husband. Her husband opened up San Francisco as a gateway to China where they infested Silicon Valley with their spies to steal IP tech.

Pelosi’s husband got rich off the 2008 financial crisis

Obama with Solindra

The list goes on and on! The reason they went hard after Flynn is because he knew where all the bodies were buried. It’s why Admiral Rogers retired abruptly after blowing the lid off of the fact there were NSA data breeches with unprecedented unmasking requests by outside contractors. Also Richard Burr who had been under investigation is the lynchpin that blows this story wide open. He was one who got caught, and I have to wonder how many more are going to be implicated in this corrupt pay to play scheme?

Early in 2016 NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was alerted of a significant uptick in FISA-702(17) “About” queries using the FBI/NSA database that holds all metadata records on every form of electronic communication.

The NSA compliance officer alerted Admiral Mike Rogers who then initiated a full compliance audit on/around March 9th, 2016 , for the period of November 1st, 2015, through May 1st, 2016.

While the audit was ongoing, due to the severity of the results that were identified, Admiral Mike Rogers stopped anyone from using the 702(17) “about query” option, and went to the extraordinary step of blocking all FBI contractor access to the database on April 18, 2016 (keep these dates in mind).

Searching the highly classified NSA database is essentially a function of filling out search boxes to identify the user-initiated search parameter and get a return on the search result.

:diamonds: FISA-702(16) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (“702”); and the “16” is a check box to initiate a search based on “ To and From “. Example, if you put in a date and a phone number and check “16” as the search parameter the user will get the returns on everything “To and From” that identified phone number for the specific date. Calls, texts, contacts etc. Including results for the inbound and outbound contacts.

:diamonds: FISA-702(17) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (702); and the “17” is a check box to initiate a search based on everything “ About ” the search qualifier. Example, if you put a date and a phone number and check “17” as the search parameter the user will get the returns of everything about that phone. Calls, texts, contacts, geolocation (or gps results), account information, user, service provider etc. As a result, 702(17) can actually be used to locate where the phone (and user) was located on a specific date or sequentially over a specific period of time which is simply a matter of changing the date parameters.

And that’s just from a phone number.

Search an ip address “about” and read all data into that server; put in an email address and gain everything about that account. Or use the electronic address of a GPS enabled vehicle (about) and you can withdraw more electronic data and monitor in real time. Search a credit card number and get everything about the account including what was purchased, where, when, etc. Search a bank account number, get everything about transactions and electronic records etc. Just about anything and everything can be electronically searched; everything has an electronic ‘identifier’ .

The search parameter is only limited by the originating field filled out. Names, places, numbers, addresses, etc. By using the “About” parameter there may be thousands or millions of returns. Imagine if you put “@realdonaldtrump” into the search parameter? You could extract all following accounts who interacted on Twitter, or Facebook etc. You are only limited by your imagination and the scale of the electronic connectivity.

As you can see below, on March 9th, 2016, internal auditors noted the FBI was sharing “raw FISA information, including but not limited to Section 702-acquired information”.

In plain English the raw search returns were being shared with unknown entities without any attempt to “minimize” or redact the results. The person(s) attached to the results were named and obvious. There was no effort to hide their identity or protect their 4th amendment rights of privacy; and database access was from the FBI network:

But what’s the scale here? This is where the story really lies.

Read this next excerpt carefully.

The operators were searching “U.S Persons”. The review of November 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016, showed “eighty-five percent of those queries” were unlawful or “non compliant”.

85% !! “representing [redacted number]”.

We can tell from the space of the redaction the number of searches were between 10,000 and 99,999 [six digits]. If we take the middle number of 50,000 – a non compliant rate of 85 percent means 42,500 unlawful searches out of 50,000.

The [six digit] amount (more than 10,000, less than 99,999), and 85% error rate, was captured in a six month period, November 2015 to April 2016.

Also notice this very important quote: “ many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges .” This tells us the system users were searching the same phone number, email address, electronic identifier, repeatedly over different dates.

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