Not safe to be Gay

If you thought that the world is becoming a wiser place, that laissez-faire is fine so long as you don’t impinge on anyone’s space, or otherwise create an annoyance. You are wrong!

Only the jilted, victims of cheating, will be pleased at this.

BREAKING: Muslim country adheres to Muslim law, Kuffar dismayed!

Really though, none of my business. That’s how laissez-faire I am, I am fine with these people killing their gays if they really want to. What do you want to do, start drone strikes for GloboHomo?


Oh my , is this the religion of “peace” we are all told about by the liberal trash ???

Appoint that Smollet lib to be the Ambassador.

Libs are so screwed up that they would have a hard time choosing:
Chick-fil-A or Brunei.

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These guys are really going to be in for a mind fuck when they figure out that the Muslims in our countries want to do the same thing. It’s what happens when you import a group of people with an incompatible culture. Instead of giving up their culture they will force their weaker hosts to conform.


Where I live this is exactly what’s happening. They aren’t throwing gays off of buildings, yet. What they are demanding is to have hilal butchers in the really nice area of town. Of course, all of the wealthy liberals who live there don’t want people pointing out their animals to be slaughtered next to fancy antique shops and high end clothing boutiques. Even though I don’t want anything to do with Muslims I am supporting their request to have a hilal butcher. I want the liberals to have to live with this like the rest of us do. I want them to embrace the multiculturalism that they push down our throats.


Libs… just a loose federation of various groups of losers. Let them implode. George DontHaveaClueny can protest Muslims. If conservatives did it, they would be called haters who dont understand that Sharia is just a set of guidelines on how to dress and make kabobs.


Gays don’t pay attention to politics. Someone should make a gay themed travel site offering discount fares to Brunei with promises of public butt sex everywhere.


Always remember even as a Leftist or some Muslim apologist tries to drag you onto the shoals of what is or isn’t the real Islam, we never need to prove that the Islam the terrorists are committing violence in the name of is or isn’t the real Islam, we only need to show the Islam that they are committing violence in the name of it is the same sort taught by books on sale in Muslim bookstores / Mosques all across the land. Said books often having the highest “bling” of authority and scholarly approval.

Big Poppa has already given you a inoculation from this in video the thread is called ( Show this to Islamic apologists)

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An even better resource is Stephen Coughlin’s presentations. These are much longer but contain a wealth of information.

Though the Red Pill Briefing is more recent I still prefer this one … part one:

(Note: one of the parts got mislabeled so at first blush it look like a video is missing but none are)

Again, the Money Point is that we don’t have to prove that the Islam of the terrorists is the real Islam, we only have to show that the books they reference are in fact books with some of the highest “bling” of blessing of scholarly authority in, notably, the Sunni world. This is critical because where Shia has its religious leaders in the Sunni world it is the “scholars” that carry the greatest weight.

So in bringing them up to a Muslim we can say something like: look, I understand some folks may think that these scholars have hijacked the (Sunni) religion BUT that doesn’t negate the fact that these are the texts that are in fact being used and that are considered to be among the best, if not in some cases the best. Remember that it was these books which you should be able to find in your bookstores today that Major Hasan referenced to tell his Army peers why he thought he could NOT deploy because doing so might put him in a position of killing a fellow Muslim without right, which I’m sure you’re familiar with as bring a likely big no-no, and so he became the Fort Hood shooter and the central issue of WHY was Islam no matter the whitewash that our government put on it in a vain effort not to offend Muslim Brotherhood types.

Butthole roulette is how we lost Freddy Mercury. Of course it isn’t safe to be gay!

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Ah, but that’s the danger they’ve wrapped their whole sense “civil rights” agenda around. No one must ever touch it to treat it like the diseases of the past, it is why they’ve also kept pushing at false narrative that it’s a disease that strikes everyone, meaning heterosexuals, rather than be strongly among mainly just those who engage in certain behaviors.

At least out of Africa.

Indeed, though I’d not attribute such a hellish attitude to many, there have been at least some who have called the dance in the homosexual sub-culture who as supremely evil people reproduce the attitudes of that one steward who, though he may not have literally been patient zero in the west may as well have been. For he simply determined if he was going to die why should others live on? How essentially Satanic an attitude could there possibly be than this? And yet a great many who’ve never entertained such a thought, who never would, have doubtlessly been condemned to an ever earlier death by the relative few who did. And among this larger crowd we may well find Mercury a casualty.

Blaming Muslim behavior on their religion or the Quran is like blaming pit bull behavior on a training manual. Muslims’ impulsive and violent behavior is the result of centuries of in-breeding, not a book that most of them can’t even read or understand. They could all convert to Christianity tomorrow and they’d still be shooting each other over bullshit. It’s hard wired into their genes.

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it’s a great game to play if you know how to play it just right

the video link I put up is more about the unbending moral compass of Islam even if Muslims did not produce terrorist attacks a practicing Muslim will always be incompatible with Western civilization

if you moral compass is unbending and it allows you to marry a six year old as a grown adult or murder gay people you will not fit into Western civilization end of terrorist attacks doesn’t even need to be addressed

It is for the rest of us if they don’t cross contaminate.

Did you play broomsticks and bedknobs as a child?

Surely you jest !! They would much sooner blow themselves up than become an INFIDEL !