Not safe to be Gay

I wasn’t neglecting that. Just bringing in another resource to use.

Of course if homosexual acts had remained unlawful as they always should have been we’d not find ourselves in a Romans 1:18-32 situation with them anyway, or at least the Gaystapo and allies wouldn’t be running amuck. Instead homosexuals are imposed into so many discussions because they’re the darlings of the sexual revolution which has fashioned far too many people whose highest sense of freedom rises no higher than someone’s crotch.

This is also why abortion, which indirectly helps there be more sex without consequences, is untouchable to too much of our society even though the result is not sustaining our own population through the posterity of our citizens … something that is far more important to the survival of the nation than people getting jiggly with it just for fun.

In fact, I’ll argue that there is a direct relationship between abortion on demand and the call for unrestrained immigration. The secularists, some of whom apparently still dream of dechristianization on the far Left even if they’ve backed off The Terrors of the first French Republic, will even import Islam on the mistaken idea that population is population is population, as if it made no difference.

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In muslim countries, it’s called “hide the dynamite”

…and that is without it being expressly forbidden in the Quran.

Recently Frau Merkel apologised for mistakenly believing that population is population is population.

selfish whores killing their children is a massive problem in our society also having childless leaders is also part of the problem they are short sighted