Not a single Democrat voted to protect women’s sports from transgender cheats

Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube reports that not a single Democrat voted in favor of a bill that would protect women’s sports from biological males who claim to be transgender women.

“Steube, a former Army JAG officer and Iraq War veteran, recently introduced a bill that would have banned “schools from using Title IX federal funds to support women sports if biological men are allowed to compete with them.”

“We are completely eroding what women sports are if we are going to allow biological men to compete with women in women’s collegiate activities. I filed pretty much what my bill is as an amendment on the ERA legislation that went through the Judiciary committee and not a single Democrat voted for it,” the first-term congressman continued. “We did it as a motion to recommit on the floor of the house on similar legislation, and I believe there was only one or two Democrats that voted for it. That’s the sad state of affairs that we are in for today. You are destroying women sports, and Democrats aren’t willing to stand for women in women sports.”


Who cares; I love a good side show. Never want to miss a train wreck. Coming soon: The Freak Show Olympics. Women are more streamlined; no dick to cause drag - turbulence.

Dude that is not even funny! This is a serious issue that is dragging down not only women’s sports but western culture as whole to define on scientific terms there are only two genders. This is an Attack on science itself and is going to have far reaching implications than women sports itself if this is not addressed. This is a fight to maintain biological terms as well as cultural ones. Transgender women should not be competing in women sports period as that is cheating. Do you ever see transgender men competing in men’s sports? Uh no, and there is a reason why, it’s called biology!

There is that and also important that the dems support the transvestites over women.

They make a lot of noises that they stand for women’s rights but clearly they don’t.


Of course it’s not funny; when is insanity ever funny? Problem is, Liberals view insanity as normal.

That is an excellent point and should be further emphasised and repeated when addressing this issue.


Of course, but just think of the kids growing up in the next generation and what they will be tasked with in trying to deal with this issue? If we don’t push back and put this in its rightful place then it’s going to get much worse than it already has. It has to be challenged on the grounds of scientific facts not on a premise that anybody can be who they say they want to be, that is the post modern axiom that is destroying Western culture! I really hope people would start to understand this point, it’s extremely important! Moral relativism is the cause of almost everything we are dealing with in terms of social issues and it needs to be addressed!

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The mission of Liberals is to shred the moral fabric of this once wholesome country. It’s going to be an uphill fight. I have done my best to keep the grandkids anchored to reality; but I won’t be here forever.


Well some of us have to stick around longer to raise our children so bringing awareness to this issue can not subside to indifference, it has to be confronted!

It’s futile. Everything that the “moral right” opposes ends up coming to pass anyway.

Growing in the 60’s I remember the stigma on pot, OMG, you were a worthless, shiftless dreg if you smoked pot…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

Cops treated it as a huge violation that got you certain arrest. Now, meh, it’s been accepted and endorsed. And the same of virtually everything else that the “moral” crowd opposed.

Yeah nice try! These are false equivalencies on your part that isn’t even on topic. Surprise surprise!

Futile or not, you cannot condone a country falling into moral decay. It’s not the sign of an intelligent or logical thinking person. Hedonism - depravity - perversion, never pays off. Always diminishing returns; and always suffering. We should be above the beasts.

I think of it more as the ebbs and tides of humanity. You think in rigid, black and white, uncompromising terms and you’ll only be frustrated. Nothing is as certain as change, nothing remains the same, the good old days weren’t ALWAYS good. Cling to yesterday, but tomorrow will come.

And morality is subjective and amended by societies constantly. What was considered moral in America at the end of the 18th century isn’t what’s considered moral in todays America.

Listen asshat! Stop trying derail this thread!


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Please stay on the thread topic! Stop feeding this asshat troll by talking about things that has nothing to do with topic we are trying to discuss here please!!!

OK, I’ll stick to men with dicks pretending to be women; and the fact they wish to compete in women’s sports is ignored, and even tolerated.

Obviously a lot of people. The bill in question is simply the GOP’s attempt at discrimination against transgenders by feigning to care about women’s rights that they fought against since the days of supporting no property ownership or voting rights for women…:roll_eyes:

That is such bullshit and you know it! This bill is about transgender competing in women’s sports where they have an unfair advantage over biological women Athletes. Sorry but hyperbolic partisan bullshit is not going work on supporting an argument on why Transgender women should be allowed to cheat! Science has you beat and this has nothing to do with discrimination. Your statement is lame and a stale premise based on political hegemony on your part!

Holy cow is that a twist on reality.

A biological male is not a female no matter how much you wish to blur the lines.

Females in sports are at a severe disadvantage when competing with a biological male that wants to identify as a female.

Where are the rights of women who what to compete on on even playing field?


Suffrage - Women in the GOP suffrage

The Republican Party pioneered the right of women to vote and was consistent in its support throughout the long campaign for acceptance. It was the first major party to advocate equal rights for women and the principle of equal pay for equal work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not to get off track; but grandma Vilula always said: “The keeper of the pussy runs the show”.

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