Non Citizens allowed to vote in NY

For sure the beginning of direct foreign intervention when non-Americans can vote in elections.
Watershed moment in NYC: New law allows noncitizens to vote (


And the African Americans in that city won’t protest… they are literally taking their voice away.

99.99999% vote democrat and refuse to bite the hand that feeds them , back on that plantation .

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"Many of the victims are Muslim immigrants from the West African nation of Gambia.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams urged all to seek help and assured their information would not be passed on to federal immigration authorities. He appeared on “Good Morning America” Monday morning to provide an update on the tragedy."

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Assholes that take an oath then harbor criminals .


I guess NYC is aiding and abetting criminal activity since they’re ILLEGALS or for the Libtards, undocumented and should not be given voter status . Another way of keeping Marxists in power.

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“the investigation is focused on a door that should have closed automatically but did not.”

“While the fire was contained to the duplex where it started on the second and third floors and the adjacent hallway, the smoke traveled throughout the building. It was the smoke that caused the fatalities.”

“The door to the fire apartment and one on the 15th floor did not shut automatically as they should have, allowing smoke to escape and billow throughout the building.”

““They are self closing but the door on 15 and the door to the fire apartment were not functioning as they should,” Nigro said. “The door was not obstructed. The door when fully opened stayed fully opened because it malfunctioned.””

"A city official says the building’s owners told them all the doors are self closing and that building workers confirmed the self closing mechanism was operational on the fire apartment door when the lock was repaired last July,

Investigators tested the self closing mechanisms on all doors in the building Sunday and most worked, though the door on the fire apartment did not, as well as a couple others."

One has to ask how many people were living in the stairwell and were the doors left open to allow heat to flow through.

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Nevermind that there’s always foreign intervention in most all elections around the world, what’s the harm in lawful permanent citizens voting….?