Nike SJW AD Parody!

Its gotten to this! Its OK to make fun of stupid women!


Would be better if the audio for this commercial was dubbed over women cooking and making sandwiches in the kitchen.


I want to see women’s sports completely dominated by trannies. When that happens I bet they stop making commercials like this focus on all the fake and non-existent oppression that they are experiencing. Once they start getting their asses kicked by chicks with dicks their tune will change.


The sad thing is that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I’m also pretty confident that most women athletes don’t want transgender sickos in their sport.


There will one day be a whole series of sports just for trannies and other freaks, because once women have had enough they will demand the SJW community stop allowing weinergirls in their competitions…


It will just be another lib implosion of inconsistent values. And they will blame Trump.

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No, men are better chefs.

Is anybody experiencing problems with “Youtube”?

Not recently. more characters.

???. What does that mean?

I was answering your question.

Youtube is not working here.

I don’t know if this has something to do with it.

Working fine here. I thought you were in China?

Hong Kong not China!

Its not working on my devices either. Very strange! Something is up!

Try just pinging the site and see what you get.

I get nothing but a syntax error

If you know anyone else local to the area perhaps using a different server see if they can get through. Your hub may just be down.

Yeah, that is what I am trying to do right now. Its weird though because I can access other websites, even vimeo has no problems.

Just for grins try this link

https ://

Have to remove the space after https