New guy on the block...Didn't know where to start

Thanks for the great welcome. Grands are great and I cherish mine as well. It’s pronounced as is in time.

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Thank you TWR and I guess I’m a pretty good swimmer so I’ll give the pond a splash.

Welcome Tymish looking forward to your input .

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Looking forward to getting to know you and others as well. Thanks for the welcome.

Tymish appears to be a Russian name.
You ever read Dostoevsky in Russian?
In my upcoming retirement, I might add that to my bucket list…"learn Russian. Read The Idiot ".

Nice to meet you, @imoutofhere.

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Tymish for the last name is pretty much Russian or Ukrainian but Tymish as a first name is more of an Americanized name. It means Timothy in some nations like Scotland for instance.

Learn Russian sounds very aggressive for a retirement plan. It would be for me anyway. I’m thinking more along the lines of just get to know my grandkids better.

Maybe I’ll watch the 1951 movie version of The Idiot.

Thanks for the welcome message.

Nice meeting you as well. Thanks for the tips.

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You will certainly be challenged as we all are from time to time. Interesting topics and some can even be informational.


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Ah… there is a movie? It was Dostoevsky’s words I wanted to read. His descriptions of Russian cities in the 1800s. His descriptions of crazy women. These things. Constance Garnett did a good job with translating…I think …but how would I know?
The overall plot … it’s only a vehicle for his character studies, IMHO. But hmmmmm… a Japanese movie that is reported to be faithful to the book? That could be interesting anyhow.

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I especially enjoyed reading on your web site how you evaluate politicians. You and I have alot in common.

“If they run a campaign based on ridicule, slander, and divisiveness or with immoral/unethical conduct then no, they are a non-starter.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton ridiculing us, slandering us, dividing us as she enabled an immoral rapist and engaged in the most unethical conduct while Secretary of State was enough for me to say she’s a non starter.

Also, I see exactly who you are referring to with this excerpt from one of your poems.

Be not deceived for the time is now
Satan draped in flames of orange and red is knocking upon our nation’s door
Our time is now
It will wait not for tomorrow
We must take up our banner and fight for our many tomorrows wherein we are free, our children and theirs are free from these sorcerers who now stir divisiveness mixed with prejudice and perversion together within their cauldron of evil and wicked despair

You are right to recognize the threat. She openly spews prejudice and divisiveness. She is now in our government and part of the dictatorship that one house of one branch of our government has implemented to control us. You are very astute, sir.

And also, in that same poem, your red MAGA hat is showing, Dude.

The rising of a united national front
We bare witness to the rebirth of our nation
In this we know
That upon the stroke of twenty and twenty
But acted now
And forever more
A nation found
A nation as one
Wholly bound

Yes… in 2020, Trump will be re-elected and likely will replace Ginsburg. Just like you say, our national front that prevailed in 2016 will prevail again in 2020 and a true rebirth will take place when the cacaphony of lies from the left are silenced by their own tears from yet another “What Happened” moment of their own making. You are a regular national treasure for your patriotism and commitment to MAGA!

Welcome brother.

@discobot fetch me some ice cream

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I just read your poem about children… the one that starts off with:

To all of the glorious children of the world
Never change
Always be yourself
Not any other way
For you’re all beautiful
Bright and cheery
Resplendent and gay

Are the children who kill also beautiful? Were you really including them in your poem? You see them as bright and cheerful? You want them to stay the way they are?

Those of us too lazy to learn Russian can just search for Montecresto’s posts

I’ve read Crime and Punishment (in English)…twice. Once in high school, once again in my 50s.

a) It’s too long.
b) The characters name changes are difficult to follow without Cliff Notes.

I may read it again.

The Constance Garnett translation?

Agh… Russian names and their familiar name variations… maddening!

@imoutofhere I love your poem called The Dreamer.

Very very crafty you are there, my brother. I wish I had that talent… the talent to shout a protest through the use of a screamingly loud omission. Amazing how you did that! In your poem about the illegal breaking into our homeland, you cleverly enumerated his thoughts. And this is what shouted so loudly: NOT ONE OF HIS THOUGHTS WERE ON THE PEOPLE WHO HE WOULD TAKE FROM IN his “land of milk and honey”. NOT ONE OF HIS THOUGHTS WERE ABOUT THE WORKING AND SUFFERING THAT PEOPLE DO to pay the taxes that he will live off of in his “land of milk and honey”.

Brilliant, dear sir…to highlight the illegality and theft of these illegals by saying nothing about it. You could not have protested more against it had you stood on the wall and shouted “Go home and build up your own country!”

His “land of milk and honey” is my land of 45 years of hard work, study, saving, paying taxes, and giving to others. You are to be celebrated for showing through your art how despicable his view is.

Well done, sir.

BTW, if anyone thinks I’m being too calloused on @imoutofhere with my sarcasm, he is a damn twitter bot.

He pretended to be so unfamiliar with social media like forums but he has posted literally hundreds of leftist tweets just today, mostly repeats from his favorite sources like huff post and aljazerra. Thousands of followers. He’s a busy grandpa.

Welcome @imoutofhere, you dont have to pretend any more. Just post your leftist posts up front and stop pretending to be some timid poet who requests - with hat in hand - a little dialog with other folks. Anyone can see from your Twitter account that you are as brazen as the most rabid leftists.

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