New guy on the block...Didn't know where to start

Greetings and sorry if I am doing this wrong but I had no idea where to begin so I just clicked here and said hello. So, hello. What now?

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Welcome to the site. Dust off your keyboard and prepare to type a lot.

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Thanks. Hoping for some good conversation.

Welcome to the site and prepare to read a lot…so pull up a chair and a few pot of coffee.

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And so I will. It looks like folks are pretty welcoming around here.

Lay off the new guy, will ya. How about you go read some books


That’s some pretty serious reading.

Tell me about it, I still havent figured out why the Romans never have a relaxed facial tone.

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Scared to death most of the time I suspect. Someone was always trying to kill someone to get their position.

Hi Tymish!

Welcome to the board.

What now? If you haven’t already, read the rules.

Jump in on a topic that interest you or start a topic that interests you. As with all boards, you’ll find people you agree with and disagree with. :wink:

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Hi @imoutofhere and welcome. We had a new members section in our old place but you can just dive in to the threads. It’s like the movie 300. It’s a very spartan environment. I hope you can hack it and stick around.

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Thank you DMK and I will.

Thanks Claire and I will give it my best shot.

Will there be a quiz afterwards? Lol

Life is a never-ending quiz, friendo

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Best advice I can give…stand by your convictions. Don’t be politically correct. Post what you think. Don’t cave to the group. Be a leader and not a follower.


Yeah! , what this guy said


Tell me about it. I think among my first threads on another forum was an multi post essay describing why there is no general welfare clause.


Welcome, Pilgrim!

I like your autobiographical information. Thanks for your service to this fine country in which we all live…for a while. Whenever I am asked, “Have you lived here all of your life?”, I say, “Not yet, but that’s my plan!”

I too am a grandpa, to eight, the eldest from1997 and the youngest from 2015. Each is a gem to me.

How should I pronounce your username…Time-ish of Tim-ish? I must get it right when I talk to myself.

Cheers and happy reading/posting. I look forward to your exposing yourself through original poetry. Please post some.

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Welcome. Jump in, the water’s fine.

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