New guy on the block...Didn't know where to start


Greetings and sorry if I am doing this wrong but I had no idea where to begin so I just clicked here and said hello. So, hello. What now?

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Welcome to the site. Dust off your keyboard and prepare to type a lot.

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Thanks. Hoping for some good conversation.


Welcome to the site and prepare to read a lot…so pull up a chair and a few pot of coffee.

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And so I will. It looks like folks are pretty welcoming around here.


Lay off the new guy, will ya. How about you go read some books

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That’s some pretty serious reading.


Tell me about it, I still havent figured out why the Romans never have a relaxed facial tone.

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Scared to death most of the time I suspect. Someone was always trying to kill someone to get their position.


Hi Tymish!

Welcome to the board.

What now? If you haven’t already, read the rules.

Jump in on a topic that interest you or start a topic that interests you. As with all boards, you’ll find people you agree with and disagree with. :wink:

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Hi @imoutofhere and welcome. We had a new members section in our old place but you can just dive in to the threads. It’s like the movie 300. It’s a very spartan environment. I hope you can hack it and stick around.

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Thank you DMK and I will.


Thanks Claire and I will give it my best shot.


Will there be a quiz afterwards? Lol


Life is a never-ending quiz, friendo

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Best advice I can give…stand by your convictions. Don’t be politically correct. Post what you think. Don’t cave to the group. Be a leader and not a follower.


Yeah! , what this guy said


Tell me about it. I think among my first threads on another forum was an multi post essay describing why there is no general welfare clause.


Welcome, Pilgrim!

I like your autobiographical information. Thanks for your service to this fine country in which we all live…for a while. Whenever I am asked, “Have you lived here all of your life?”, I say, “Not yet, but that’s my plan!”

I too am a grandpa, to eight, the eldest from1997 and the youngest from 2015. Each is a gem to me.

How should I pronounce your username…Time-ish of Tim-ish? I must get it right when I talk to myself.

Cheers and happy reading/posting. I look forward to your exposing yourself through original poetry. Please post some.

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Welcome. Jump in, the water’s fine.

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