New Democrat Icon Mitt Romney Prepares to Unseat Donald Trump

The new hero of the left and far-left, Mitt Romney, is being regaled on the pages of The Atlantic for his latest disgusting rant against President Trump. He’s a vile human being.

“The gentleman from Utah,” they wrote, decided to “unload” to the [leftist] reporter.

Mitt ripped the President’s moral character and then segued into Stormy Daniels. This next excerpt shows he will become James Madison on the floor of the Senate:

Instead, Romney has emerged as an outspoken dissident in Trump’s Republican Party. In just the past few weeks, he has denounced the president’s attempts to solicit dirt on political rivals from foreign governments as “wrong and appalling”; suggested that his fellow Republicans are looking the other way out of a desire for power; and condemned Trump’s troop withdrawal in Syria as a “bloodstain on the annals of American history.”

Trump has responded with a wrathful procession of personal attacks—deriding Romney as a “pompous ass,” taunting him over his failed presidential bid in 2012, and tweeting a cartoonish video that tags the senator as a “Democrat secret asset.”

These confrontations have turned Romney into one of the most closely watched figures in the impeachment battle now consuming Washington. While his fellow Republicans rail against “partisan witch hunts” and “fake whistle-blowers,” Romney is taking the prospect of a Senate trial seriously—he’s reviewing The Federalist Papers , brushing up on the parliamentary procedure, and staying open to the idea that the president may need to be evicted from the Oval Office.

There you have it, the vengeful pompous ass is planning to push impeachment. He thinks he will sound like a Founding Father on the floor of the Senate. The man is mad.

Egomaniacal Romney thinks he’s a historical figure while pretending he doesn’t think he’s one.

“I don’t look at myself as being a historical figure,” he hastens to add, “but I do think these are critical times. And I hope that what I’m doing will open the way for people to take a different path.”

Impeachment is his big historical moment in his mind.

Romney is a perfectly despicable human being.

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Is this one of those “conservatives” you were boasting about in the other thread?

– Also, correct your sloppy format. The title doesn’t need a hashtag.

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Not a single republican/conservative that has dared to point to any of Trump’s failings has escaped the red hatters scorn. Trump and Trump alone is right and all others wrong. Of the dozens of people that have come and gone in his administration, they all walked in the door as the finest person available for the job, and have all walked out as the biggest losers in the country. At least Mitt Romney never has licked Trump’s ass. He’s clean.

Just look at how Trump has framed the new energy secretary he has nominated in such glowing terms. Six months from now when he tells Trump to shove the job up his fat ass, he will be demonized as all that have gone before him. We’ve never seen such a laughing stock of a president and revolving administration.

So, Mitt is quit right.

I don’t think it’s about Trump being right about everything all the time. I think it’s more about backing him up whether he’s right or wrong against the political establishment.

I personally can’t stand the presence of Ivanka and Jared in the White House…and the influence they pedal as a result…but I will still back Trump because it pisses everyone off and he is at least trying to get some shit done.

Well yeah, that’s pretty much a given…

Yeah, it’s pretty different for a politician. It’s the American people’s way of saying screw off to the establishment.

You posit that as some sort of consensus but the red hatters are but a third of Americans.

Does that count on your end include illegal aliens, dead people, and people who voting multiple counties and states?

Anyhow, elections in this country are won and lost by the electoral college. The popular vote is just a barometer.

I wasn’t referring to any vote. You said “Americans” which is far to broad. The red hatter base, sure, because to them Trump can do or say no wrong. But most Americans are under no such delusion.

Elections have consequences, friend.

Romney’s hardly a conservative.

But then again you look at the label only and not at what they stand for.

Bite the format, content is everything.

Well sure, but that has nothing to do with what I said. Stop referring to ALL Americans as red hatters. They aren’t, that’s about a third of the pop.

From the one poster who regularly shit posts and obfuscates from backing up anything it claims to be true, and uses as an excuse “but only that it’s “subjective” as the spin Operande of the Monte Clown! Obfuscates when facts are presented to show Obama as an all time loser. Monty’s obsession to bash Trump at any turn only means that Trump lives in Monte’s head rent free! Isn’t it obvious? That is hilarious!

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Well that’s good, nor can anybody else. But at least you’ll acknowledge it…:+1:

Two faced Romney is the epitome of RINO, and it is hilarious watching his faux virtue signaling from a two time loser! He loves him some open borders!


Yep, they sure do. Representative government…:rofl:

The VoteCast survey also found that 64% of Utah voters wanted to see the senator confront the president.

The electoral college is doing exactly what it’s designed to do for the very same reasons you just pointed out!

The people of Utah have lost their minds electing the idiot to office.

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I do concur, but I also suspect those elections were rigged in his favour! Romney is the new “carpet bagger” (remember that seldom used term any more?) of the 21st century! Governor of Massachusetts, two time presidential loser, now a member of the big club as a Senator from Utah! The guy goes around like a record and is filling the void that John McCain left behind!

The most interesting fact about Romney and why he doth protest much, is the adverse affect Trump policies is having on his family who lives in Mexico! Romney does the bidding of the COC and Tom Donahue is screaming in his ear about the border wall, USMC, and the trade dispute with China! As I said before, the big club that Romney is a part of is threatened by Trump’s wrecking ball and what it’s doing for their loses on their investment portfolios! I call it the “coke had a stoke” effect, literally trillions of dollars are at stake and Romney being stiffer than starch from the dry Cleaners is losing his shirt. That is hard for someone who is used to gaming the system and being a corporate vulture to accept!

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