New Controversial Film that is Getting A lot of Attention!

That’s a mischaracterization. I stand with TWR on the request for synopsis. I have no idea what might be in there. (And 9 minutes of it to boot.) Too many stupid videos get posted. Some unfit for viewing at work.

I wanted even a HINT of what it was about, and (as it turned out) that’s all I need to know if it’s worth my time.

That is not too much to ask.

Ahh, I get your point.

Playing on emotions no matter what side of the aisle you are on ticks me off.

In fairness, it drives a good point home on what it’s gonna look like when this gets “normalized” or made into a “right” or whatever they’ll say.

I agree, Guv.

OP carries the responsibility of engaging.

Synopsis followed by opinion.

What on a 9 minute video? I thought it was self explanatory! If it was more lengthy then I would.

As I said, I may need to watch it again.

My take was no “new” child because we have our hands full with “this one”.

No. The child in the end is euthanized because the state made it legal to do that!

Is it? Seemed like the whole movie, to me.

And I tried to google something about this movie. Nothing is out there.

And that’s really the truth. It’s not just a trailer. (Who does a 10 minute trailer?) It’s the whole short video.

Why misrepresent it earlier?

It’s a depiction of stuff already in the common arena of discussion.

It doesn’t take a 10 minute video to reignite that discussion – especially when it was so undiplomatically presented here.

I’ll be blunt. I’m on your side about opposing abortion (and maybe even more so), and about the steady progression this social cancer has taken. I want to see the discussion presented with truth, accuracy, and with grace. Why make it combative right out of the chute? You and Manhattan served to alienate people you would want standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Yup. We’re swirling down the moral sewer as a society.

And people want to celebrate it.

My take-away is that they post-aborted the toddler with developmental difficulties.

YES, on a 9-minute video!

You’re right. The video is the whole short drama.

I’m not trying to alienate anyone…just opposing the demand for a synopsis.

Alright people, here’s how it went down from the nosebleed section:

Doc should’ve posted a synopsis, TWR should’ve asked nicely, then a cat fight happened across the room, SixFoot had to blow his freaking nose and then made his mom cry by re-posting the video on Facebook, liberals suck donkey balls, Yang is a weirdo, and I’m gonna go get an ice cream cone out of the freezer.


It’s delicious, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Did it make your hand turn yellow?

Who took the picture?

Shitty laptop cam in a dimly lit room. I used Facebook to take it then copied it to here.

Oh, my! Now you’ll be getting ads for ice cream cones and white LEDs. :wink:

Most likely, but I won’t see them since they won’t load in my browser. uBlock Origin is one hell of a blocker.


Whether or not you believe it, the way you and Manhattan approached this thread made conflict with the very people you should be working to ally.

We can disagree to disagree. Not every post is deserving of a synopsis, where a little required effort on your part to watch a 9 minute video is not tantamount to giving a desertification on certain subject matters every-time a OP is posted. If you can’t be bothered, then you are also free to choose not to comment either, if that suits your fancy.