New Controversial Film that is Getting A lot of Attention!

How about some clue as to the subject matter and maybe a synopsis?

How about watching the video and figuring it out for yourself?

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This could easily be the next step as it’s all about mom and her rights and what she wants is everything.

I’m not going to spend ten minutes watching something unless I have a reason to be interested in it.

Then don’t bothering commenting here! If you can’t at least watch the trailer don’t expect others to provide a synopsis for you!

It makes a good argument!

If you think it’s worth watching tell us why.

It could be viewed as the next step for the dems and the pro abortion crowd.

Don’t be so retarded! If you can’t watch it then don’t bother commenting! Your contributing nothing here!

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It almost already is if they can kill a breathing baby after its out of the womb!

Where do we draw the line when people today view it as my rights, it’s all about me.

Nothing retarded about it. You posted it here for some reason but don’t want to discuss it.

If it’s a subject I’m interested in I’m happy to watch it but I’m not going to waste my time watching random videos because I have better things to do.

It is retarded because you are asking someone else to explain something that your too lazy to do! The video was posted for a reason, for people to watch! Duh!

I can’t be bothered!

Then don’t bother commenting here! Move along!

Nothing retarded about it. If you want people to be interested in something give them a reason to be.

For someone who claims to know everything you can be pretty imbecilic at times. Don’t worry I am sure others here don’t need to be coddled and can figure it out on their own!

Do you want someone to hold your hand too? You don’t want to waste any time, but here you are expending time writing your responses. In the time that you did that, you could have already watched the video. Yeah that is not being retarded! (Sarcasm)

Making a point is never retarded.

If you want someone to be interested in the videos you post give us a reason to be.

The fifteen seconds or so it takes me to type a post isn’t a big commitment of time.

And I usually give the videos posted a minute or 2. If I don’t find them of interest I move on.

I won’t even waste that much time on one unless I have a reason to be interested in it.