Nevada Caucuses on Saturday Predicted to be DISASTROUS for Dems

…and this comes from Politico, not known for having conservative bias.

Ya know, asaratis?

I’m wondering if this is intentional. :face_with_monocle:

Sow chaos so the dem candidate of their choice can be the nominee.

One minute the dummycrats want to show how far left they can go ,then walk it back when challenged . Americas college numbskulls think socialism is the way to go because mom and dad had enough of them mooching off them for 26 years . When you don’t WORK , and never become a RESPONSIBLE human ,you become those animals they warn us NOT to feed .


This is all to set up a totally broken system so that they can suspend delegates and just anoint Mike Bloomberg as their chosen one.

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It is definitely a possibility.

I think that was not the case when the Obamacare website failed. That one was gross incompetence.

Iowa could have been from incompetence, intent, or a bug in the phone app. I think maybe it was a combination of 1 and 3.

This is voter suppression by means of deliberately-induced chaos and opaque tech completely open to cheating.

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Bloomberg is now officially the Dem answer to Trump.
The establishment is seething.

Senile Biden and Crazy Bernie are trying to take him down but he’s too rich and too well liked for it to work.

Think about it.

  • Self made 62billion dollar man
  • Self funding his own campaign against all odds
  • Lifelong conservative
  • Brought down crime
  • Rebuilt the WTC
  • Unapologetically Pro American policies
  • 100 times richer than Trump
  • Hated only by unironic commies and other failures
  • Loved by everyone else


Bloomberg has seen his standing in the polls spike in recent weeks. His rise was aided by more than $400 million in self-funded advertising and millions more on staffing, putting him in the sights of the rest of the field.

Your post is either pure satire or pure trash.

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Oy vey! You might be right about that!

Oh shit…I mean for real though. Why isn’t Trump or any Republican out there saying this.

Bloomberg is the reason we had impeachment soap opera. The reason the democrats regained the house, the reason Pelosi is speaker. He poured over 100 million into various races to win them those seats.

He is an evil craven creature.

I am surprised he’s entering the democrat primary. I expected him to do the Perot thing, 3rd party, not to win, but to throw the general election to the Democrats by plurality, which is how we got Bill Clinton.


Lifelong conservative? Uh nope! He is a liberal through and through! Always has been always will be.

He’s the godfather of putting outrageous taxes on cigs, too.

It’s not a good look to openly try to buy a presidency. I hope he gets the nomination, so the democrat party destroys itself.

Bernie could end this entire fiasco at any point. All he has to do is say he’ll run 3rd party if Bloomberg buys the nomination.

Bloomberg’s candidacy poses a direct threat not just to the Democratic party but to democracy itself. The issue is his plutocratic power. The New York Times recently reported a story on how he has deployed his donations: a big chunk of them to capture and control the Democratic party and organizations such as Emily’s List

If the Democratic party is to avoid becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomberg, Inc., he must be defeated in the nomination contest.

His positions on the issues are irrelevant to this argument. The key point is that once an organization becomes dependent on his money, his will rules what the organization says and does. He doesn’t have to ask for a quid pro quo. The article makes it clear that everyone understands the implications of crossing him, without him having to say anything. That’s how plutocratic power works.

Bloomberg has proven many times that he doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. Because he’s got billions, he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else. This is exactly contrary to how democracy should work. Some people say they’d like a candidate who is successful in business, because they think government should be run like a business. But businesses are run by autocrats. They can act quickly in response to unfolding events precisely because their CEOs don’t have to listen to anyone outside the C-suite and the Board. Democracy requires policy making that listens to diverse constituencies and interest groups. This is slow, but is responsive to more people than a few insiders, and is able to learn from different perspectives.

Plutocrats, whatever their positions on the issues, invariably turn their relations to others into patron-client relations, because they overwhelm everyone else with their money. Vast wealth insulates the rich from having to listen to disagreement, accommodate diverse views, or change their minds in view of the evidence. It insulates them from accountability to others. They will do whatever they want, regardless of others’ views and interests, because they can. So Bloomberg doubled-down on stop-and-frisk even after the data showed that it did nothing to reduce crime, and spread police terror in Black and Latino communities. He still seems to believe that the financial crisis was brought on by government pressure on banks to stop racial discrimination in lending. Great wealth makes people stupid and vain, and frees them to act on every prejudice, because no one can correct them.

Trump is doing his best to destroy democracy. Bloomberg can’t save us from this, but can only further the destruction.

Nice shill post @taka

Back in reality…a big problem for Bloomberg is that he’s old and from New York and no one is really very familiar with him.

I just got back from Nevada - Bloomberg (and Steyer) are blanketing the state media with ads - but saw nothing for Biden over the weekend.

Ditto for California - nothing for Biden, massive advertising for Bloomberg and especially Steyer.

Let 'em waste their billions on a lost cause.

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No. The liberals are trying to destroy a Constitutional Republic and turn it into a democracy.

That isn’t going to happen.

As far as Bloomberg goes, this is the first time someone has tried to buy their way into the Presidency.

Folks better wake up. Free stuff isn’t the answer to making bad decisions. We are all given equal opportunities. What you do with that and the consequences of such are on you.


I see only two possible outcomes for the Democratic nominee at this point. Either Sanders wins outright with a good margin or it’s a contested convention, in that case who knows what will happen but it will be a huge mess….

I wouldn’t underestimate demographic changes and the “Hate Whitey” vote in the GE though.

It’s messed up what Bloomberg is doing and is the reason what is wrong with our system that seriously brings into question the ethical argument of big money in politics! Just like he did to get elected Mayor in New York, he is trying to buy his nomination and perhaps his presidency.