Nebraska principal bans Christmas candy canes because "the shape is J for Jesus'


Because JKM, I don’t have a job, I don’t have a life, my mom and dad didn’t love me enough. I did get a job but my degree didn’t help and I was worthy of starting at the top rather than having to work my way up. I have participation trophies from middle school to prove it.

I am bitter and angry that you have worked your way into a lifestyle that I want now without having to work for it.

So, I am going to steal any joy you may have until I get to where I deserve to be and then I will bite the head off of anyone who tries to take it away from me.


That is really, REALLY awful. I just have no other words for such filth.


And that of course is how many on the left think these days.


A piece of candy? A greeting? An old song by a popular artist?

These people selectively take offense. Apparently Barry Manilow also performed “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

Nobody made a peep over Barry Manilow doing it. Maybe Dean Martin performing the song with women in mind & a large family to prove it is far more offensive than a man thinking about his now husband manager & performing it.


It’s really beyond stupid now isn’t it? Who but a leftist would be offended by a candy cane?


At one time at least political affiliations among university professors might vary by department, with social science departments having a high percentage, as appears to be the case with Dr. Sprankle.

I remember a French professor back in the ‘80’s who had some feminist sentiments, but they didn’t affect how she taught her class, & she generally only expressed those sentiments in the literature & culture, upper level classes.

Seems even departments that should be neutral, like biology, are getting more leftists. I’ve had coworkers with biology degrees I was quite happy to see leave due to the garbage they spewed on the job about everything from so called white priviledge to the “biological superiority of women”—that is, when they showed up.

Goodbye & good riddance!


Yeah, that was a new one for me. I had to read it a couple of times before I could really grasp that this was what was truly being said.

It has become a contest with the leftists to see who can be the most debased. And why? What is the purpose?



I know. And the worst of it is they call us the intolerant ones. Yet even a candy cane can make at least one of them freak out. So stupid.


The funny thing is the white male libs. They think they’re still going to have a say after they hand over their party.


The one about the teacher telling a 5 year-old there is no Santa really chapped my ass.


I much as I like to agree with you but in this case not without due process.


I just noticed…the screen footer on the COOKING channel is spelled out tonight with “candy cane” characters.

No “J” is used, but the red and white twist is there.

Next thing to be banned is



According to the article, Ms. Sinclair was place don administrative leave, and a school spokesperson said her memo did not reflect school policy. They also considered Christmas trees and Santa Claus to be secular symbols and therefore permitted in the classroom.

Sounds like the school made the proper response.


The principal is clearly depressed. And as the old saying goes. Misery loves company.


Well, we all know how annoying Christmas Carols can be. [

Call to Prayer - YouTube THIS IS 6:00 Am. every morning, in Brooklyn.


Video for call to prayer in manhattan video youtube:arrow_forward: 1:36

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reminds me of a cat caught in a truck’s fan belt.


That did not sound familiar. I lived in Turkey for awhile. The prayers occur so often that you just dont even hear them anymore after awhile… except the morning one, which wakes you up unless it’s hot and you have the AC on. Just something different in that video. Maybe there are differences between Turkey and Arab countries. Never been to an Arab country.


Been thrice in an Arab country. Calls for prayers go out on the loudspeaker. I think the call to prayer is beautiful.


We need to ban Islam from our land, and deport all Muslims. And then ban anyone who fails to recognize the predominance of the Christian faith in America. Christmas should be compulsory in all public schools, it would be one thing the bankrupt liberal gay loving educaitonal system would actually get right.


Same in Turkey. I was referring to the specific cadence of the call and syllables that seemed different. Turkish has Arabic mixed in but is not actually Arabic so I guess that explains it.

I like what I heard in Turkey. Did not like the video in this thread.